Make the Best of Volcano Bay Rides in Orlando!

Volcano Bay may just be the most epic water park ever! Universal Orlando has dine it again! And trust us when we say this one is worth getting up early for! And you will want to plan ahead, and stay for the day at this super popular water park.

Volcano Bay is the South Seas oasis located at the heart of Universal Orlando. It’s a new attraction and addition to the already intoxicating park. The Volcano Bay water park has more than 20 water slides and many pools to cool off. It’s great for a summer escapade or a quick weekend break with friends or family.

There are dozens of Volcano Bay rides that you should not miss.

Here are the best rides at Volcano Bay


Kratatua Aqua Coaster

You can experience the power of Krakatua on this amazing ride. Nothing can match the thrill of riding a four-person canoe that glides upward through the fine mist and into the twists and turns within the dark volcano before coming out with a plunge through the shimmering waterfall.

The Krakatua Aqua Coaster is the flagship attraction of Volcano Bay with a fear factor of 3 out of 5. The attraction builds and maintains a long wait throughout the day, which means that you need to prioritize riding it. It is a fan-favorite that park visitors want to ride more than once. Start your day here as the lines get long after lunch!

Kratatua Aqua Coaster employs the same technology that is used on Revenge of the Mummy, which riders consider to be a great deal of fun to experience. The water park’s plentiful drops attract some serious attention, especially the process of propelling riders back to the top, which mimics the motion of a land roller coaster. After boarding the four-seat canoes, you zoom throughout the expanse of the volcano that is pulsating with water during the day and hosting colorful lava effects during the night. The attraction is powered by magnets that push the canoe up until it ends in a final drop that is very steep and fast.


Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slide

Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slide is a water slide in the Rain forest Village at Volcano Bay. Two slides drop you six feet above the 10-foot receiving pool. Visitors go up the cliff before they plummet down the waters of the Ohyah Slide then drop out just feet above the water below. Then, mustering their courage they will have to cross a rope bridge then plunge through the Ohno Slide, which is an adventure that culminates six feet from the waiting pool.


Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides

Maku means “wet” while Puihi means “wild”, which is exactly what this ride is. You board a lava tube path on a multi-person raft that careens its way through a dark and winding cavern in the volcano and starts spinning uncontrollably. The next thing you know you’ll be hit with blasts from the geysers as you explode out into an immense tunnel before splashing out to the safety at the bottom of the pool.

Honu ika Moana

Park visitors choose from two slides - Honu or ika Moana. Honu will cause you to scream more and fly faster as you go higher. Ika Moana is slightly tamer as you work your way up to Honu. You will climb up the massive walls in a four or five-passenger raft, which is Honu, or ika Moana respectively, then twist and turn your way down to the bottom. You don’t have to carry your tube or raft to the top as they are brought up to you.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge

This is by far the top pick of most park visitors as it is a real thrill. You need to brace yourself for a 70-degree fall down a 125-foot slide that starts with a trapdoor that drops you right through the center of the volcano. You will be screaming your lungs out as you descend the near-vertical drop as the Ko’okiri Body Plunge drops you screaming your lungs out into a clear pool with onlookers on the side. This ride will give your lungs and heart a workout!

Planning Your Day


Download Universal Orlando Resort App

The Universal Orlando Resort app gives you full control of your adventure by giving you real-time attraction wait-times, favorites lists, and an interactive map of the park. All the functions can be accessed with the swipe of a finger. This app can be downloaded free from either your iOS or Android mobile device. 
To allow guests to fully enjoy using the app, Universal Orlando debuted park-wide internet access for free. 
The Universal Orlando Resort app has many unique features such as the GPS-enabled maps with real park images that give visitors a visually-guided direction to their desired attraction. The app also gives information on ride updates, showtimes, and more.

Cashless Payment

Making payments inside Universal Orlando is not a problem. There are plenty of ATMs that are marked on the maps of the park. ATMs accept most major banking networks.

Since Volcano Bay is a water park, the main problem of visitors is the cash they carry getting wet! The problem has been given a solution by a system of cashless payments. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club are accepted throughout Volcano Bay and other resorts at Universal Orlando. The hotels also accept JCB and Carte Blanche.

While all major credit cards are accepted throughout Universal Orlando resorts, American Express is the official card of the resort. Using the card gives members perks and discounts.

Tapu Tapu Wearable

Upon arriving at Volcano Bay, guests will receive a Tapu Tapu wearable for their wrists. The Tapu Tapu wearable is the key to an amazing day at the resort. It can be used to ride most of the attractions, open lockers, activate many interactive surprises, make cashless payments and more.

The Tapu Tapu lets the wearer hold his place in the ride lines. It will give you wonderful surprises by just waving your wrist. It is your key to the surprises of this tropical paradise.


The waterproof wearable eliminates the need to stand in long attraction lines. You can use it to hold your place in the Virtual Line of the park, allowing you to play and relax until it is your time to ride. With Tapu Tapu, you can also enjoy the convenience of making cash-free payments for everything that you would otherwise have to use cash.

Reserved seating

Visitors at Volcano Bay can enjoy a premium seating package that includes a pair of comfortable lounge chairs that are padded and come with an adjustable shade canopy, a lockbox, and the luxury of an area attendant that will provide you with food and drinks.

To avail of the reserved seating, you will have to make a reservation in advance. Usually, the premium seats are sold out even before the park opens for the day. If you’ve made a reservation, you can check with the concierge location once you enter the park. There is a concierge location at the front and the back of the park. A concierge attendant will escort you to your reserved seat after checking your reservation. You will be handed a flag that you can attach to your canopy if you want to signal the attendant when you need service for food or drink. The concierge escort will explain to you how the flag system works and how to link your lockbox to your Tapu Tapu wearable.

Lockers and seats

Lockers are key to a successful and hassle-free visit to Volcano Bay. Whether you need it to keep loose items or so that you won’t have to carry all of your belongings when you go around the resort, you will need a locker.

There are two sets of lockers at Universal Orlando: lockers that can be rented for a flat rate per day and lockers that are attached to certain rides.

Daily rate lockers are found at the front of the Universal’s parks, usually just outside the turnstiles. Lockers may be rented for an entire day. You pay a flat rate for the lockers, opening and closing them as much as you need to during your stay at the park. Lockers at Volcano Bay have only one size and are available for $12 a day.

Ride lockers are provided at some attractions in the park for your convenience. Some ride lockers are complimentary for the duration of the ride while some need to upfront payment before using.

Pack what you need

Going on a vacation means planning. You have to plan what you will need throughout your visit. Make sure that you pack the important things that you need. Forgetting those important items means that you will have to buy them right at the park for a much higher price.

Protect yourself from the hot Florida sun by bringing your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, towels, and other personal items.

Age and Height Requirements

There are age and height requirements for the various rides at Volcano Bay resort in Orlando. You will be able to enjoy all the rides and attractions of the resort if you are over four feet tall. Kiddie areas are available for individuals who are below four feet in height. There are a few rides that require you to be at least 48 inches in height. Many of the rides and water slides require you to be between 42 inches and 48 inches with a supervising companion.

Enjoy Volcano Bay rides

The rides at Volcano Bay are all intended to provide visitors safe and clean fun. You will have the best experience of your life enjoying the rides at Volcano Bay. Get our Volcano Bay tickets booked now. Your visit to the resort will be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.



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