The Best Volcano Bay Rides at Universal Orlando!

Volcano Bay may just be the most epic water park ever! Universal Orlando has done it again—trust us when we say this one is worth getting up early for. 

A South Seas oasis located at the heart of Universal Orlando, Volcano Bay boasts more than 20 amazing Volcano Bay water slides, plus a winding river, wave pool, and so much more. It’s great for a summer escapade or a quick weekend break with friends or family.

There are dozens of Volcano Bay rides to experience. To make the most of the top Volcano Bay rides, you’ll want to plan ahead and stay for the day. Read on for our selection of Volcano Bay rides you just can’t miss.

Here are the best Volcano Bay rides:


Kratatua Aqua Coaster

The flagship attraction at Volcano Bay, the Krakatau Aqua Coaster is nothing short of spectacular. After boarding a 4-person canoe, you’ll zoom through twists and turns, fly up hills and plunge into thrilling drops as you wind your way through the misty Krakatau Volcano. Innovative magnet technology powers the ride, making it feel like a land roller coaster—but this one’s on water! The final plunge is epic, leaving most riders screaming for more. 

A fan favorite, Krakatau Aqua Coaster builds and maintains a long wait throughout the day, which means you’ll want to prioritize riding it.  Start your day here so you won’t miss out on this unforgettable Volcano Bay ride!


Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slide

Situated in the Rain forest Village at Volcano Bay, Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slide features two thrilling, serpentine water slides. To experience the Ohyay slide, you’ll have to clamber up a cliff before setting off in the twisting waters that culminate in a 4-foot drop into a plunge pool. The even more exciting Ohno Slide is accessed via a challenging rope bridge and ends with a six-foot drop into the same pool. 


Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides

Maku means “wet” while Puihi means “wild,” which is exactly what this ride is. After boarding a multi-person raft, you’ll plunge into a lava tube that careens through a dark and winding path before splashing into a cavern where the raft begins to spin uncontrollably. After being soaked by blasts from geysers, you’ll dive into a second lava tube before exploding out into an immense tunnel that shoots you back and forth up its sides before finally sending you splashing to safety in the pool at the bottom.

Honu ika Moana

Park visitors choose from two slides - Honu or ika Moana. Honu will cause you to scream more and fly faster as you go higher. Ika Moana is slightly With two separate slides to choose from, each featuring multi-person, animal-themed rafts, Honu ika Moana is a must-try Volcano Bay ride. Honu will definitely have you screaming as you fly up massive walls, going faster and higher than you would on its sister slide, Ika Moana. Both have you speeding through ocean mists before twisting and turning your way to the bottom. Do you want to know the added bonus of this Volcano Bay ride? You don’t have to carry your raft to the top—they’re brought up to you. All the fun, with no work!

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Ko’okiri Body Plunge

A top pick for adrenaline junkies, Ko’okiri Body Plunge is by far the most outrageous Volcano Bay ride. Not for the faint of heart, this ride starts with a trapdoor that drops you right through the center of the volcano. You’ll need to brace yourself for a 70-degree fall down a 125-foot slide—that’s a near-vertical drop that will have you screaming your lungs out before plunging into a clear pool surrounded by onlookers. This ride will give your lungs and heart a workout!

Volcano Bay Tips for First-Time Visitors


Download Universal Orlando Resort App

The Universal Orlando Resort app gives you full control of your adventure by giving you real-time attraction wait-times, favorites lists, and an interactive map of the park. All the functions can be accessed with the swipe of a finger. This app can be downloaded free from either your iOS or Android mobile device. 
To allow guests to fully enjoy using the app, Universal Orlando debuted park-wide internet access for free. 
The Universal Orlando Resort app has many unique features such as the GPS-enabled maps with real park images that give visitors a visually-guided direction to their desired attraction. The app also gives information on ride updates, showtimes, and more.

Cashless Payment

Cash isn’t exactly easy to carry at a water park, so Volcano Bay has made cashless payments a priority. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club are accepted throughout Volcano Bay and other resorts at Universal Orlando. (The hotels also accept JCB and Carte Blanche.) American Express is the official card of the resort, which means using the card gives Cardmembers extra perks, discounts, and even more ways to enjoy all the Volcano Bay rides.

Tapu Tapu Wearable

Upon arriving at Volcano Bay, you’ll receive a Tapu Tapu wearable for your wrist. The Tapu Tapu wearable is the key to an amazing day at the resort. With just the wave of your wrist, it can be used to make cashless payments, open lockers, and activate many interactive surprises. Perhaps most importantly, it also allows you to hold your place in ride lines, so you can play and relax until it’s your time to ride.


Reserve Premium Seating

At Volcano Bay, premium seating packages include a pair of comfortable, padded lounge chairs with an adjustable shade canopy, a lockbox, and the luxury of an area attendant that will provide you with food and drinks.

Be sure to make a reservation in advance as the premium seats are usually sold out even before the park opens for the day. If you’ve made a reservation, check-in with a concierge upon arrival (there are concierge locations at the front and back of the park). A concierge attendant will escort you to your reserved seat, explain how to signal for food or drink service, and help you link your lockbox to your Tapu Tapu wearable.

Rent a Locker 

Lockers are key to a successful and hassle-free visit to Volcano Bay. Daily rate lockers are found at the front of the park, just outside the turnstiles. A flat daily rate allows you to open and close your locker as much as you need to during your stay. Alternatively, ride lockers are provided at some attractions in the park for your convenience. Some ride lockers are complimentary for the duration of the ride while some need upfront payment before using.

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Pack What You Need

Protect yourself from the hot Florida sun by bringing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, towels, and other personal items. These are available in the park, but at a premium price.

Know the Age and Height Requirements

There are age and height requirements for all of the Volcano Bay rides. Anyone over four feet tall (48 inches) can enjoy all of the resort’s rides and attractions. Those between 42 and 48 inches can enjoy many of the rides with a supervising companion, and kiddie areas are available for the smallest visitors.

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