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Want to get away from it all for a relaxing Florida beach vacation, but don’t want to stay too close to the hustle & bustle of a popular tourist destination like Orlando? Consider Vero Beach, just a two hour drive south of Orlando proper, located on a pristine stretch of Atlantic coastline. Vero Beach is the destination of choice for those who are in the know. People from all over the Sunshine State flock here for their own beach getaways. Considering all the amazing destinations up and down the Florida coast, the fact that they choose Vero Beach rentals for their vacations is testament to just how great this spot really is.

What is Vero Beach, Florida?

Whether you’re a Miami hipster, Orlando city-dweller, or a chic vacationer from Palm Beach, Vero Beach is the place to go for uncrowded beaches, a wealth of nature-watching opportunities, shopping, and dining that runs the gamut from simple and delicious to posh and sophisticated. You can find high-end resorts, exceptional boutique shops, and out-of-this-world eateries right alongside some of the most beautiful ocean views Florida has to offer.

In fact, Vero Beach’s motto is “Sunrises, Not High-Rises,” and it shows. There is only one high-rise condo property in the entire town, known as Village Spires. After it was built, the eco-conscious people of Vero Beach decided that enough was enough, and said “no more” to any further high-rise development in their community. As a result, you will find a wealth of Vero Beach rentals, hotels, resorts, and homes steps from the sand, which never exceed more than two or three stories.

Where to Stay in Vero Beach?

These days, it’s easier than ever to find comfy Vero Beach condo rentals, hotels, townhouses or beach side cottages, using sites like Vrbo, Airbnb, Booking.com and others. 

vero beach condo rentals

While all those are great accommodation options, if you want to get the most bedrooms, space, and amenities for your buck, check out Villatel’s exclusive luxury villas at Harbor Island in nearby Melbourne Beach. Located just under an hour north of Vero Beach, Melbourne (not the one in Australia, but just as fun) is another laid-back oceanside town with all kinds of shopping, dining, entertainment, and eco-tourism destinations. What’s more: all the thrilling attractions of Orlando are right at your fingertips (and you won’t have to spend all your time landlocked away from the beach).

Imagine spending your day waking up to a gorgeous sunrise over the Atlantic, before taking a short drive to tour Disney World, Universal Studios, or Sea World with the family. Or, if you just came to enjoy the beach, you could spend the entire day relaxing on the sand, stand-up paddleboarding, or kayaking through coastal mangrove forests. Next, hit up the local shops and cafes, or check out some of the beautiful coastal nature attractions scattered across the area. Top off an epic day with an incredible dinner overlooking the ocean, and then it’s back to your private villa to unwind in the pool, while the kids play in the custom-built arcade or watch movies in your very own screening room. 

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Where is Vero Beach Located?

Vero Beach is located on a 26-mile stretch of beach paradise along Florida’s Treasure Coast. While some of the town is situated on the mainland, many of the hotels, resorts, and other destinations can be found on the barrier island across the Indian River, a lazy stretch of water running from Cape Canaveral in the north down to Palm Beach and beyond. This means that all the Vero Beach rentals, like hotels, resorts, and private accommodations are even more tucked away from  unsightly and noisy things like traffic and crowds that can ruin your otherwise perfect vacation.

The community is situated on the Treasure Coast, known to locals as one of Florida’s best kept secrets for getaway destinations. The name comes from the large number of shipwrecks off the coast, left over from the days of Spanish galleons, pirates, and treasure hunting in the Caribbean. The treasure hunting still goes on, since there are ancient shipwrecks which remain undiscovered or unrecovered to this day.

Just under an hour to the north is Melbourne Beach, where you will find Villatel’s signature luxury villas available to rent for your next trip to the Florida coast. Another hour north of that is Cocoa Beach, famous for its surf breaks and tourist attractions like the Cocoa Beach Pier, or the biggest Ron Jon surf shop in the world, complete with indoor waterfalls and fish ponds. More coastal destinations are located to the south of Vero Beach, and you could even pay a visit to Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s largest inland lake.

Top Vero Beach Attractions

In addition to the many exciting theme parks and cultural destinations that can be found nearby, the Indian River is chock full of natural attractions.. Drift through the Indian River Lagoon on a kayak, or enjoy boating, fishing, water skiing, diving, kite surfing, and all kinds of exciting outdoor activities in the area. Golf lovers will find a smorgasbord of pristine, well-maintained golf courses all over this part of Florida, so there is no shortage of opportunities to hit the front or back nines.

While you may or may not turn up a piece of eight or gold doubloon during your vacation, the real thrill of the Treasure Coast is all of the fishing, boating, and other water activities you can enjoy during your time here. You can book a fishing charter, take an airboat tour, or even go snorkeling around one of the old shipwrecks. History lovers will enjoy a  visit to Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum just outside Vero Beach, where some of the treasure and artifacts recovered off the coast are on display.

vero beach vacation rentals

Why Choose Vero Beach For Your Vacation?

For travelers looking for a stunning coastal backdrop, proximity to nature and endless activities, Vero Beach is just the ticket! Spectacular, unobstructed ocean views up and down the coastline are the norm here. That’s in contrast to places like Miami, where rows of high-rise developments often block the very things you came there for: surf, sun, sand and sunrises. In Vero Beach, you won’t see a rooftop any higher than the local palm trees, gently swaying in the ocean breeze. Beaches are windswept and open, devoid of  noisy beach bars and packed resorts. Instead, you may find yourself watching brown pelicans dive for fish in the surf, or ghost crabs and sea turtle hatchlings scuttling across the sand.

Vero Beach is known to sit at the intersection of green and glamorous, boasting a quaint seaside town that is also rich in eco-excursions and top-tier cultural attractions.  The town has preserved its relaxed, small-town vibe, even amid  the development of new shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more. Depending on when you visit, you can enjoy monthly gallery strolls, as well as street festivals, farmers’ markets and vintage markets.

Luxury Vacation Rentals from Villatel

You can always stay at one of the many Vero Beach condo rentals or other Vero Beach vacation rentals, but why miss out on everything else this incredible part of Florida has to offer? Unlock the full potential of your vacation by renting a Villatel luxury villa in nearby Melbourne Beach, giving you easier access to Orlando, Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and many other unforgettable nearby destinations.

families enjoying amenities at Villatel Village in Orlando FL

We create luxury, high-end vacation rentals for travelers and their families, and our new exclusive villas at Harbor Island in Melbourne Beach are no exception. Each villa features all the bedrooms you need to sleep the entire family or your group of travelers (up to 8 bedrooms), and an over-the-top array of amenities. Heated pools, theme bedrooms, arcades, private screening rooms and more are just a few of the outstanding features of every luxury villa.

When you think of luxury hotels and resorts, the names Marriott, Hyatt, or Four Seasons might spring to mind. At Villatel, we strive to be the first brand name for vacation rentals. Our mission is to earn your trust by offering consistent, high-end homes, amenities, and services that you can count on, each and every time you visit. How? Because we own every aspect of the process– from the construction and design of each home, to maintenance, service, and your entire guest experience from start to finish.

For your next trip to Vero Beach, get the service, reliability, and luxury experience you deserve by renting one of our exclusive Villatel Harbor Island beach facing villas. Now, you can save even more by avoiding 3rd-party fees on sites like Vrbo, and book direct on Villatel.com

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