Best Guide To The Top Dinner Shows In Orlando

Medieval knights and jousting, Al Capone and his buddies or your favorite Disney friends! When it comes to dinner shows in Orlando, you’re sure to find something that is right up your alley. And the range and variety in shows is so great, you won’t want to choose just one.

What happens when you combine dinner time and Orlando? Orlando dinner shows, of course! Whether you are up for some family entertainment, a scrumptious meal, or a mix of both, Orlando offers the most incredible family-friendly dinner shows you can imagine. Here are some top picks:

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Medieval Times Dinner And Tournament

Take the whole family along on this grand journey back in time with kings, castles, and knights. From the moment that you cross the moat towards the castle, your family will be taken back to Medieval times - an era full of adventure, folklore, and history.

Cheer your winning knights as they throw javelins, joust, and fight. See enchanting falcons and horses fly from your dinner seat. This will leave you in awe and the whole family will be thrilled with this experience!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament prepares and serves a mouthwatering banquet during the show, and you’ll dine while being in the center of a medieval era.

The feast comes with everything that you could ever imagine, including delicious soups, sides, and super tender chicken – a true meal fit for a king and queen! This is one of the best dinners shows in Orlando.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows

If your family loves mystery and good food, then this dinner show in Orlando, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows is the perfect place to be.

Who would’ve thought that pairing delectable dishes with mystery could end up as a family experience you’ll never forget? Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows will keep your whole gang on their toes with this one-of-a-kind dinner show experience.


Your detective abilities will be put into test with every “whodunit” twist at each meal course. A complete cast of actors will keep your family laughing and grinning the entire time, offering engaging stories for all. The ad-lib comedy will surely tickle you.

This is a complete experience with a full-course meal, loads of never-ending drinks, and an unlimited fun time for your family. By the time your dessert is served, the mystery will unfold right before your eyes. Get your sleuthing skills ready!

Titanic- The Dinner Event

This extraordinary dinner event will have your entire family participating as they feel the real essence of what it was like to be one of the passengers of the Titanic ship on April 14 to 15, the exact date that it sank. What’s enthralling about this dinner show is that it includes a tour to the Titanic Artificial Exhibition Galleries.

After the tour, the audience will be invited to participate in Captain Edward John Smith’s retirement party. In line with the script, you will be in a cocktail party and eat a decadent high-end three-course dinner that has a similar menu to the ones they used to serve on the sunken ship.

During the dinner party, the cast and crew of Titanic will re-enact the happenings in the ship before the tragedy occurs. Your whole family will get a VIP experience of this historical event while enjoying a delicious and flavorful first-class meal. Totally one for the books!


Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

Are you up for some hoedown time with your entire family? Then prepare to clap your hands and stomp your feet! Walt Disney brings you one of the best dinner shows in Orlando with the highly-recognized Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.

This show has been running for more than 40 years, and is packed with family-friendly dances, songs, and laughs that are safe even for your youngest member. Sing your heart out and keep the beat for this gleeful dinner show.

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But of course, a dinner show wouldn’t be complete without food, and at Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, the meals are plentiful.

Enjoy eat-all-you-can fried chicken, strawberry shortcake, ribs, cornbread, and drinks! What’s unique about this dinner show is that napkins are not merely for eating. You can raise your towel into the air and sway along to the jolly music in the background.

What are you waiting for? Grab your family and prepare your hungry little ones for a feast of a lifetime. This amazing Orlando dinner show has the signature Disney magic with an all-new twist.

Capone’s Dinner & Show

Take the whole family and enjoy an outstanding speakeasy dinner show. Before you can enter Capone’s Dinner & Show, you need to knock three times and recite the password before the staff opens the door and reveals a world that’s fresh out of a 1930 gangland in Chicago. This dinner show offers an insane crew packed with gangster action, stand-up comedy, and musical presentations.

A fun and unique thing about this night event is they randomly pick someone from the audience to participate in their flexible skits. It is a dinner show for all ages with a great food and drink selection and one of the most unique Orlando dinner shows.

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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Hailed as one of the best dinners shows in Orlando, the Pirates Dinner Adventure is full of stubborn and playful pirates set inside a look-alike of an 18th-century ship, located in the middle of an indoor lagoon.

This family-friendly show has a cast full of pirates and mermaids in an exciting story that unravels as you eat. As you step inside the massive Spanish galleon, your pirate experience starts at the lagoon showroom that is divided into six parts.

Throughout the show, the cast will sing and dance, as well as perform mad stunts – definitely something worth your family time!

Wantilan Luau

Fan of a luau, but don’t want to travel across the world to experience it? Orlando has the solution for you and your family. Think about delightful food, amazing dancers, and great music. All of this and more are offered at Wantilan Luau.

Located at the Royal Pacific Hotel, this dinner show gives your whole family the ultimate island life right here in Orlando. Authentic dance steps, live music, and awe-inspiring fire dancers are all ready for your family to enjoy.

The Wantilan Luau offers exciting entertainment full of fast-moving dancers and fire-eating performers throughout the show. Island experience at its best! And there’s more. You can dance along to the music of the tropics all night long.

Moreover, they have an eat-all-you-can luau inspired buffet that is animated with island taste such as pig, poi, and of course, mai tais. But fear not, if you have little ones who are picky eaters, he or she can enjoy a kid-friendly buffet that offers everything that your children love, such as chicken, pizza, mac n cheese, and many other favorites.

The Wantilan Luau is all about beautifully-crafted costumes, tropical melodies, and traditional dances that ooze with colorful culture, history, and fun.

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Treasure Tavern

Treasure Tavern is a unique dinner show with a fresh, new theme. The fantastic experience with its latest circus theme is Cirque By Night. The dinner show brings you the greatest magic, comedy and food all wrapped up in one exciting and enchanting evening event.

World-renowned chefs prepare your food, and hot bartenders are ready to serve your favorite drinks. They have brought in incredible performers and gorgeous dancers from different parts of the globe to give you world-class performances. Add this tantalizing dinner experience to your itinerary now!

Mickey’s Backyard BBQ

Are you set for a great Disney-styled backyard barbecue? Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is an exciting event that puts together all the good stuff of summer fun. And by that, expect that you’ll experience music, picnic, dancing, Disney characters, and of course, BBQ!

You’ll be bonding with Mickey and friends in this family barbecue dinner that features rope tricks, line dancing, and a complete show.

If you have super energetic kids that can’t seem to get enough of their favorite Disney characters, especially Mickey Mouse, this is the right place to eat with the whole family.

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The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

When you visit Orlando, you can’t just ignore this upside-down WonderWorks structure situated on International Driver. When you step inside, you’ll experience the out-of-this-world Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show that is incomparable to any family dinner shows in Orlando.

Fantastic magic tricks are combined with skits that are hilariously funny and 100% family-friendly as well. You’ll be served eat-all-you-can popcorn, pizza, salads, and drinks together with truckloads of fun times.

Providing one of the most reasonably priced dinner shows in Orlando, Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show is an excellent dining experience for the whole family.

It’s filled with great food, amazing beverages, well-thought entertainment, and never-ending family laughs that all result in a memorable night.

When you plan to stay in Orlando over the your holiday, make sure you add this dinner show up on your list. It’s going to be an incredible time for you and your loved ones!



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