Our Commitment


At Villatel, luxury and safety go hand in hand.

Villatel homes are privately managed and maintained, which means we can make sure each and every one is as clean as possible—cleaner than your living room when your in-laws come to visit.

  • In accordance with health guidelines, our strict and thorough housekeeping procedures ensure that our properties are sparkling and sanitized before each check-in.


The VillaClean™ Promise

We’ve taken our best-in-class housekeeping to the next level, with revised standards and protocols driven by the new CDC guidelines for COVID-19

  • Cleaning and maintenance staff will not enter properties without proper PPE (i.e. fresh masks and gloves, plus extras as needed)
  • Extra cleaning time has been allocated to existing turnover timeframes.
  • All surfaces are sanitized and disinfected with EPA-approved disinfectants.
  • High touch areas are treated with additional care and caution (e.g. door knobs, stair railings, telephones, light switches, remote controls, toilets, faucets, etc.)
  • Linens are professionally laundered at temperatures recommended for proper cleaning and sanitation.

Stay Clean

Stay clean throughout your stay with Villatel’s new practices and special services:

  • Check-in/ check-out are fully remote.
  • Each house is stocked with an initial supply of hand sanitizer, masks, and disposable gloves (required to be worn if/when Villatel staff is present).
  • Wherever possible, maintenance requests are pooled and completed all at once.
  • Doorstep grocery deliveries and chef catering are available (including Kosher options).
  • Note: the following protocol is recommended for receiving outside packages/ groceries:
  • Place grocery bags on floor, not countertop
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds
  • Rinse produce
  • Villatel adheres to VRMA Cleaning Guidelines - see link below


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