A Guide On How To Celebrate Passover 2024 In Orlando!

Make your Passover holiday extra special this year with a family vacation to Orlando. Passover 2024 will fall at sundown of April 8, 2024 and will end on April 16, 2024.

Let’s Remember What Passover Is

Passover, or Pesach, is an eight-day festival that is often celebrated in the early spring. Pesach 2024 commemorates the Israelites being freed from being slaves in ancient Egypt. Pesach is often observed by skipping leaven and marked by Seder meals.

These meals often include consuming matzah ball soup, having four cups of wine, bitter herbs, while listening to the retelling of the Exodus. Passover is often referred to as Pesach in Hebrew which means “to pass over”.

In ancient times, God passed over the Jewish homes when he killed off the first born in Egypt as a way to show His might to the Pharaoh who refused to let the slavery of Israelites end.

passover in orlando

Kosher Accommodations

Celebrating Passover 2024 in Orlando may just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make since this city has so much to offer in terms of making your vacation extra special. If you are planning on making your Passover vacation extra special, you might want to start with settling on your accommodations first.


One of the most common types of accommodations that you can consider when traveling to the city for Passover Orlando is booking a stay in a traditional hotel. There is a full range of accommodations from the simplest to very luxurious and you are sure to find something you like within your price range, but you must book early. . Here are just a couple options to consider:

Doubletree by Hilton Orlando SeaWorld

If you want to stay close to where the action is, booking a stay in Doubletree is worth considering. The rooms here are luxuriously decorated and are just a few minutes away from Synagogue services, banquet hall, and the like.

You can book their Passover Package which comes with guest rooms or suites that are fully furnished, free WiFi, kosher meals that are prepared by Master Chefs, as well as supervised children’s day camp just to name a few. You can even get admission tickets to SeaWorld which is just nearby. Prices vary and above depending on the room that you will be staying in[2].

families enjoying amenities at Villatel Village in Orlando FL

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

If you want to splurge a bit for your Pesach 2024, booking a stay at Waldorf Astoria is worth adding to the top of your list. What you can expect from this prestigious hotel are luxuriously decorated rooms, gourmet cooked meals perfect for Passover, supervised day camps for the little ones, seminars with renowned scholars, as well as access to the hotels water slides, winding river, tea rooms, and even poolside barbeques if you want to spend some time outdoors. Prices vary depending on the rooms and length of stay in the hotel[3].

Luxury Villas

Another way to spend your Pesach 2024 in Orlando is to rent a luxury villa where you’ll get all the privacy you need that cannot be found in hotels. And you’ll enjoy all the amenities of a 5 Star resort. Here are a few great Passover resorts to stay at while you are in Orlando.

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Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills is a gated rental home community that is just a few minutes away from top tourist attractions like Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios Florida. Among the amenities that you can take advantage of are the fantastic swimming pool and water park, recreation park, movie theater, and game room just to name a few.

As for the luxury villas here, you can choose from 4 to 6 bedroom homes depending on the size of your family. Each home has an open layout to create a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can move freely.

Fully furnished and lavishly decorated, you’ll feel right at home when you arrive. You’ll have complete access to their fully-equipped kitchen to prepare your meals for Pesach 2024, or you can request for a personal chef to prepare your meals for you.

With a private pool outdoors, hot tub, and outdoor dining, you can celebrate Passover in your own private way while enjoying Orlando’s stunning environment. Prices are affordable for this level of luxury and vary based on the Villa you choose.

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Another luxury resort that you can consider for your Passover 2024 vacation in Orlando is Solara Resort. Just 7 miles from the renowned Walt Disney World, this luxury resort has several vacation homes that will fit with your budget. Their luxury villas have 3 to 9 bedrooms available which will fit everyone in your group.

Whether you are planning on having your reunion in Orlando or you want to have more privacy as you commemorate Pesach, Solara Resort can provide you with your needs. Prices are affordable for this level of luxury and vary based on the Villa you choose.

pesach in orlando florida

If you are looking for Pesach villas in Orlando, you might want to check Solterra Resort. Passover guests will find staying in one of the luxury villas here to be much better compared to staying in hotels since they have all the privacy that they need with bedrooms to accommodate everyone in their group.

Whether you will be traveling as a single family or with your relatives, there are several villas here that can accommodate up to 20 or more people without being too crowded. With a private pool at your disposal, fully equipped kitchen, and even a chance to enjoy the resort’s amenities, your Passover vacation for 2024 will be one to remember. Prices vary based on accomodations selected[4].

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Celebrating Passover 2024 at Reunion Resort is guaranteed to make your vacation one for the books. The luxury villas here are fully furnished with lots of room to accommodate large groups of travelers. All the rooms are exquisitely designed and styled to provide comfort for both adults and children.

With a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal, a private pool to cool down, and access to the Reunion Resort’s amenities such as their golf courses, clubhouse, and swimming pool, you can relax and unwind while celebrating Passover. Prices vary based on accommodations selected[5].

Kosher Restaurants

Orlando takes pride in providing their Jewish people with kosher restaurants that offer Glatt kosher choices that you should add to your itinerary if you are planning on celebrating Pesach 2024 here. Among the choices are a couple favorites:

Kosher Grill

Located on International Drive, Kosher Grill serves Mediterranean dishes that are not only mouth watering but are perfect for Passover celebrations too.

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Kosher Gourmet Restaurant

If you are in Kissimmee, you might want to take a look at Kosher Gourmet Restaurant. This is a meat restaurant and catering service where you can have your Pesach meals. Shabbat meals can be picked up as well every Friday[6].

Enjoying The Attractions

What else can you do during your Pesach 2024 vacation? While you are in Orlando, you shouldn’t miss out on all the tourist attractions available here that are guaranteed to make your stay in the city an enjoyable one. If you are wondering what to do while in the area, here are a few options to consider:

Walt Disney World Resort

While you are in Orlando, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to come and visit Walt Disney World Resort. Filled with fun roller coaster rides, amusement centers, and the chance to see Disney characters come to life, it’s the perfect place for the young and old. And they will take orders ahead for Kosher meals in the park.

SeaWorld Resort

Get up close with Shamu and other sea creatures in Sea World. Aside from getting splashed by Shamu, you can also try out the rides here which are great for the whole family. You can even check out Sesame Street land as well which is the latest addition in the park.

Passover vacation orlando

Universal Orlando

Drop by Universal Orlando and get the chance to experience more of the jaw-dropping rides that are perfect for adrenaline junkies. Harry Potter fans, on the other hand, will find The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to be a treat for their senses. You’ll never get tired of seeing what Universal has to offer. Plus, there are several restaurants for you to dine in when you get hungry too.


Another tourist attraction that you should add to your itinerary while you are in Orlando for Passover is LEGOLAND. As soon as you enter LEGOLAND, your kids’ eyes will light up as they see tons of activities waiting for them to discover. From building your own designs with Lego blocks, to riding roller coasters, and more, you’ll always find something to do here.


Passover 2024 is just a few months away, and if you are planning on making your vacation in Orlando worthwhile, you should definitely consider the guide mentioned above. And if you want to spend more quality time with the family, staying in a luxury villa in one of the resorts above will give you the privacy that you need.

With the option to customize your stay in one of these villas to ensure a truly meaningful Passover celebration, you’ll always find a reason to come back to Orlando once you experience it.



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