Experience The Wonders Of Seaworld - Tickets, Parking Info And Hours

When visiting Orlando, a visit to the city’s major theme parks is a must. From Walt Disney World to Universal Studios, the time of your life awaits you. But don’t overlook one of the most diverse and exciting attractions, SeaWorld Orlando. Read on for everything you need to know about the park’s attractions as well SeaWorld Orlando park hours, Seaworld Orlando parking fees, and tickets options.

SeaWorld is the ultimate experience for fans of the aquatic world. This is an under the sea and on land experience where you’ll get to see the aquatic world come to life. Feel the fun and excitement of making friends with a dolphin, visit adorable penguins from the Antarctic, and watch swimming sharks and rays. But SeaWorld offers much more than unique and fantastic animal encounters. Take a ride on a heart-pounding roller coaster, journey through a lost jungle civilization, take a white water journey or see Antarctica through the eyes of a penguin. The rides at SeaWorld Orlando rival the best amusement parks across the country. And you’ll want to take in more than one show - nine dolphins playing, majestic killer whales (you may get wet!), and for animal lovers, watch Pets Ahoy with its cast of dogs, cats, ducks, doves and more. And when the show is over, there’s still plenty to see and experience with the many exhibits from the dolphin nursery to the manta aquarium. When you’re ready to take a break, enjoy one of several dining venues.

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Seaworld Orlando Attractions

Ranging from mild rides to heart-pounding adventure, you’re sure to find something that’s just your speed. SeaWorld has been providing their one of a kind animal encounters and thrilling rides since it opened in 1973. The rollercoaster ride called Kraken invites you to embark on a journey of a deep-sea adventure while seeing the legendary beasts of the sea. Infinity Falls will take you through the ruins of a lost civilization while you’ll love taking a tour with Puck the Penguin on Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins.

The Infinity Falls

The Infinity Falls ride takes you on a journey down a jungle river and through the remains of the jungle lost in time and civilization. This thrilling water voyage will entertain and educate. But careful, you may get wet.

Mako And Manta

Prepare to feel your heart race and your stomach drop when you ride on the Mako hypercoaster. Bet you can’t contain your screams when you climb aboard the Manta and Journey to Atlantis, where you’ll likely get an unexpected drenching. Afterward, you can hop aboard Wild Arctic, a jet-like helicopter ride with a self-guided tour on your journey to the frozen north. This ride shows you species and creatures that are rarely seen by humans, such as walruses and beluga whales.

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Sesame Street

This new area includes six attractions including Abby’s Flower Tower, Big Bird’s Twirl ‘n’ Whirl, Elmo’s Choo Choo train and more. Sure to please the little ones and stir up some childhood memories in the parents. Imaginations come alive with the parade and fascinating displays that you’ll encounter on this iconic street.

Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin

Explore the South Pole with Puck the penguin in this motion simulation ride. Mild or wild - You get to choose. This ride makes for a visit with cute and cuddly little penguins. You’ll have a close encounter with them and even a photo opp with them too. You can also hitch a ride up, literally, at the 400-ft high Sky Tower to enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking views of Orlando.

Journey To Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis on a hybrid water flume ride and roller coaster though dark waterways and the sunken city.


Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster will leave you breathless. Lots of drops and turns, all water-themed.

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Flamingo Paddle Boats

If the kids are into boating and enjoy being on the water, then you’ll surely love the cool Flamingo Paddleboats. This ride is also easy on your budget, at only $6 per person for 20 minutes.

And the fun does not stop there. Try out a paddleboat, visit the Sky Tower, or board a jet-helicopter to cross the frozen mountains.

Seaworld Orlando Shows

Enjoy SeaWorld’s exciting lineup of shows.

One Ocean

One Ocean will likely get you drenched as you watch the majestic killer whales perform their fascinating tricks and stunts. The show is full of excitement when you experience the energy of these magnificent and intelligent creatures of the sea. The orcas have been a signature attraction of SeaWorld since its creation.

Pets Ahoy

Dogs, cats, doves, ducks, and even pot-bellied pigs will entertain you with their talents when you visit Pets Ahoy. Their family-oriented performance includes pups jumping rope, cats crossing high wires, and much more. You might even get to experience a surprise animal guest.

The Clyde And Seamore Show

Clyde and Seamore will not disappoint you in their pursuit of education and their diplomas when you see them at Sea Lion High: The New Class. You will experience tons of interaction with these sea lions and their coach. Sealion shows were a famous circus attraction even before they became a staple of marine theme parks; however, The Clyde and Seamore Show takes this up a notch with their new and improved tricks and performances.

Stingray Lagoon

Enjoy the once in a lifetime chance to place your hand at the surface and feel the stingrays’ smooth, satin-like skin as they swim by you. With over 200 rays beneath the water's surface, the Stingray Lagoon shows you what it feels like to safely interact with the Stingrays. One of the highlights of this is taking a peek at the newborn stingrays at the nursery.

Seaworld Orlando Exhibits

Dolphin Cove

Watch dolphins interact and play with one another above the ground and below the surface in the Dolphin Cove. For an additional fee, you can interact with these mammals. An encounter with the baby dolphins in the Dolphin Nursery is one of the greatest highlights of this attraction. After all, there’s nothing cuter than seeing these bottlenose pups play with their moms.

Jewel Of The Sea Aquarium

If you’re in Seaworld to experience the rides and also encounter animals, then the Jewel of the Sea Aquarium is something you certainly want to check out. You’ll find a wide array of aquatic life inside, and you’ll feel like you’re under the sea too.

Shark Encounter

If you want to see how a shark behaves in the water and learn about the mystery of how these predators evolved, experience the Shark Encounter. This experience gives you access to an underwater viewing inside tunnels as these terrific creatures loom above your head. You can also learn more about them here by learning their history that dates back to millions of years ago in prehistoric times.

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Turtle’s Trek

One of the most stable and ancient creatures in SeaWorld are the sea turtles. In Turtle’s Trek, you’ll see the turtle’s incredible journey from hatching on the beach to the perils of surviving at sea. These gentle creature's voyage is displayed in a captivating 3D Setting.

The Manatee Rehabilitation Area

SeaWorld is not only about attractions; they are also about rehabilitation. The Manatee Rehabilitation Area gives you a first hand look of Orlando’s rescue and rehabilitation programs and projects for manatees and sea turtles. The injured creatures are given proper care and treatment in the facility to preserve their lives. This attraction serves as not only inspiration but also as an eye-opener to guests to help them understand why being aware of and protecting sea creature’s lives is vital.

Seaworld Orlando Dining

Up-Close Dining

SeaWorld also offers a lot of unique, unforgettable dining experiences that you will genuinely enjoy. At Up-Close Dining at Shamu Stadium, enjoy your dinner while being surrounded by beautiful whales. You’ll also get to know how these whales were rescued and how they are being treated and cared for at SeaWorld.

Shark’s Underwater Grill

Shark’s Underwater Grill at SeaWorld is a local favorite. Try out the delicious pan-seared snapper or the seafood ragout, and watch the sharks swimming around you while you enjoy your meal.


There are many types of ticket options in Orlando, but do a little research and be sure that you buy the tickets that best suit suits your schedule and your preferences. Here is a list of the tickets options for SeaWorld:

Multi-Park Ticket

The multi-park ticket gives you access to the three main attractions in Orlando. You can get to visit SeaWorld in Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Aquatica all in 14-days.

Single Park Tickets

Single park tickets can include entry to SeaWorld for one day; or SeaWorld for one day with the inclusion of ALL Day Dining.

Quick Queue Unlimited

Purchasing the Quick Queue Unlimited tickets is the most convenient if you are only visiting SeaWorld for a short period of time and you don’t want to miss on anything. This pass allows you to skip all of the regular lines and enjoy the front line access in participating attractions. These attractions include Manta, Kraken, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Journey to Atlantis, Turtle Trek, Wild Arctic, and Mako.

SeaWorld Orlando Park Hours

SeaWorld Orlando Park Hours

SeaWorld Orlando is open 365 days a year, typically from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The park show schedules may vary, so it’s best to check with the ticket office or information on the day you plan to visit. You can check their website for other show information and schedules. In the event that you’re looking for a specific show that you can’t see, it is advised that you check back after a week or two. It’s also advisable to arrive 15-20 minutes before your show. Most of the shows in SeaWorld that include animal encounters are usually 20-25 minutes in duration. Remember, it’s always best to check SeaWorld Orlando Park Hours before you go.

SeaWorld Orlando Parking Fee

The Parking Fees at SeaWorld Orlando differ according to your preferred parking spot. The fees start at $22 for a single car at General Parking. You can also have the up-close parking for $27 which is closer to the entrance of SeaWorld, or the VIP Parking for $35. To avoid hassle and to save time, you can purchase your parking online. For motorcycles, the fee is only $20 while for RV and campers, the cost is $40; however, you can only get these options at the park. The preferred method of payment in SeaWorld parking toll booths is a credit card.



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