Spend a Great Blessed Passover in Orlando

One of the most blessed and beautiful ways you can spend Passover is surrounded by your family and friends. There isn’t a better place to bring family and friends together than Orlando, Florida. As one of the most important holidays of the year, it is time to celebrate the liberation from slavery and their nation's birth. Passover in Orlando is the perfect opportunity to bring families together and carry on the traditions of generations. Make this Passover a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Elegance, relaxation, tradition, family time, and reflection.

Consider doing that with all of your family under one roof. More and more hotels are offering Pesach programs to their Jewish guests. One of our favorite tips is to stay in a luxurious villa rental. Make the most of your getaway with the privacy of the entire family in a spacious and elegant 10-14 room mansion with all of the privacy this solemn occasion deserves. At the same time, there are rooms and space aplenty for contemplation, quiet time, or playtime. 

Will a luxury vacation rental meet our Kosher needs?

Many of these mansions and villas in Orlando fully understand the kashering requirements that your family will be looking for for your perfect Passover in Orlando. They will be ready to provide a fully kosher villa with staff fully trained on what you will need for a fantastic and relaxing kosher stay. They know the process of preparing and serving kosher meals, the provisioning required, and the items you'll need for the observance. You'' have all of the comforts and peace of mind of home, but with many more amenities. 

Orlando Kissimmee resort for Passover

Each villa is different, but generally, an Orlando Pesach villa is prepared for the process of readying the chametz vessel for the Passover. You may discuss with the team at the resort how you want your areas of Halacha to be arranged to comply with the rules of kashering. 

Your villa will be cleaned of tangible traces of chametz and all of its flavors. All chametz utensils will be clean, and you need not worry about items that can't be kashered, like decanters and graters. All will be taken care of. You'll also find standard Kosher utensils for the Passover like the Grille Set, Challah board, water urns, and warming plates. 

You can look forward to the best quality meals prepared by the catering partner Crafted Gourmet. 

  • Kosher certified at the highest level
  • Top-of-the-line catering
  • Client tailored menu options
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Only the best

Have your dinner delivered in or talk with the management about the many restaurants that prepare excellent Kosher meals. Most of the properties are also near the Shul so you can enjoy a warm Jewish atmosphere. Your team at the villa is there to help you with any details.

families enjoying amenities at Villatel Village in Orlando FL

What is a luxury rental community like? Let's visit Solterra.

Solterra Resort is a well-known luxury vacation rental know for offering Pesach in Orlando with all the luxuries of home and then some. Solterra is one of many resorts in Kissimmee, Orlando for Passover. They are located just a few minutes from Walt Disney World but still offer up a secluded retreat where you can hide away from the hustle and bustle. You and your family can rent a 10 bedroom Kosher Villa with room for the entire extended family. There are other mansion sizes and configurations, but they all offered sleek, modern styling, plenty of bedrooms, even character-themed styled rooms for the little ones. 

bowling alley at Villatel Orlando vacation rentals

What is a luxury rental like?

Enjoy the spacious modern kitchen, dining room with seating for all, washer and dryer, ample living areas, and lots of perks. Check out the game room, library, private movie theatre, replete with ten leather recliners. And if privacy is your thing, just step outdoors to your private pool, spillover spa, and alfresco dining area. Living is easy when you're in a mansion.  

Shopping, groceries, and all you need are nearby. And you may just want to spend a full day or two right at the resort. Solterra offers everything you would expect from a 5-star resort. This gated community jas a grand clubhouse, fitness center, tennis court, and even a "tot lot." The huge pool features a water slide and a lazy river ride. Sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy the Florida sun and all that your luxury mansion in Solterra has to offer.

Tips for Traveling

If you have not traveled before for Pesach, here are some handy tips. Always be sure to carry your passport. One never knows. Get familiar with the health guidelines of your destination and your origination point, and be sure you have all of the needed paperwork for everyone in your family. 

Airplane food. What can we say? Some flights are still offering snacks, and you can check with the airline. If the fight is long enough, you may be able to pre-order a kosher meal. But- beware. They do run out. Bring a snack if the light allows it. You can never go wrong, bring matzah. IT may come in handy.

resorts in Orlando Kissimmee for Passover

Keeping Kosher in the Theme Parks 

Yes. It is possible. One of the great things about spending Pesach in Orlando is the proximity of all the fun. Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios Orlando for kosher support practices. The food courts and canteens serve Kosher meals, even without reservations, but you may want to call ahead anyhow. 

Pesach Items Prepared for You in Your Villa

The Orlando properties are usually prepared for whatever you need. But you may want to consider shipping special items. Most of the restaurants are cooking kosher, so it is easy to find catering services you need. And most of the properties are within a walk to the Shul, where you can expect a warm Yom Tov. 

Pesach Shipping LLC will ship items you need anywhere in Florida, just in case you have forgotten something. They have refrigerated movers to keep everything in perfect condition, and they deliver to Solterra and other luxury resorts

Pesach Worship in Orlando

Check out Orlando's local organizations to find more information about restaurants and kosher catering services. Or talk to the rental team and any of the luxury resort communities. They can tell you about kosher food providers, services, and anything else you'll want to know. Spend your Passover in Kissimmee FL or Orlando, You’ll never forget it.



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