The Top Magic Kingdom Rides and Attractions

When we think of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the iconic Magic Kingdom comes to mind. It offers all of the enchantment and magic that Disney has come to stand for. Disney's Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 as the first park in Disney World. Today, its popularity continues to grow, and it is the most visited theme park in the entire world. 

The characters, the entertainment, character interactions, attractions, and dining, and events are beloved by "kids" of all ages, and all help the magic come alive. People tell us time and again that the main draw, however, is the rides. They offer an excellent combination of thrilling coaster rides, and of course, the classic attractions that have become the signature of Walt Disney World Resort. 

Check out our guide to the classic Disney attractions like Peter Pan's Flight and the family-friendly thrills of Space Mountain, Big Thunder Moutain Railroad, and more. Every ride is "good." Let's face it, nostalgia wins. You decide which are the best Magic Kingdom rides for you and your family or group. There are 40 rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is one of Disney World's most iconic parks. We'll share some of the most popular and our favorites with you here. 

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What are some iconic and family-friendly attractions that are suitable for most ages?

  • Pirates of the Caribbean - This is an attraction that is suitable and fun for all. You'll board a barge and journey to a long-ago time when pirates ran the high seas. You'll travel along a "dangerous" voyage through ransacked seaport towns, a haunted Cove, and through a booming cannon fight between a Caribbean fort and a pirate galleon. Pirates will be chanting their "Yo, Ho, Ho" song, and you'll see drunken pirates and locales, and if you keep an eye out, you may even spot Captain Jack Sparrow. This is a slow ride with small drops but is dark, there is a height requirement, and the FastPass+ can be used. 
  • Cinderella's Castle -Located in Fantasyland, every little prince and princess will want their fairytale to come to life with a visit to Cinderella's Castle. This 189-foot landmark has beautiful spires and turrets and serves as the gateway to Fantasyland. Surrounded by a tranquil moat, the grounds are full of perfect photo ops in the lush gardens, and of course, Cinderella's wishing well. Inside the castle, you'll see glass mosaics that tell the story of Cinderella. Perhaps you'll enjoy an elegant meal at Cinderella's Royal Table. You'll need to book that far in advance!
  • Peter Pan's Flight - This popular attraction is based upon the book and movie Peter Pan, of the boy who never wanted to grow up. Peter Pan's Flight was one of the original attractions at Disneyland in California and remains extremely popular. This attraction, located in Fantasyland, takes a birds-eye trip over scenes from the movie. You'll board a galleon and follow Peter Pan as he flies over London, then descends into Neverland. You'll see waterfalls, volcanoes, and Pirate's Cove, and you'll cheer for Peter Pan as he takes on Captain Hook and the crocodile. This is a Disney classic and appropriate for all. There is a height requirement. 
  • Seven Dwarf's Mine Train - This classic is considered one of the top attractions at Magic Kingdom. You’ll enter an ancient mountain where you'll hop on a diamond mine train from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, ascend to the top of the mountain for an incredible view of Fantasyland, and then drop into a crazy, bumpy ride down the mine shaft, hairpin turns and all. The merry band of Seven Dwarfs will sing “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho,” and then you are off to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for an easy roller coaster ride. Use your FastPass+ for this one. 
  • Haunted Mansion - If you are looking for something "spooky," the Haunted Mansion is for you. Head over to Liberty Square and hop aboard the Doom Buggy for a scary adventure as you travel through a maze of haunted rooms and chambers. Your Ghost Host will guide you through the tour where you'll see ghosts, ghouls, and other supernatural stuff as you pass caskets, Madame Leone's seance room of horrors, and a graveyard of singing ghosts. It can be a little dark and scary, but all ghosts are friendly, and it is suitable for all. 

What are the main rides in Magic Kingdom that are more thrilling and for older kids and teens?

  • Splash Mountain - If you’re ready to get wet, you'll want to try out this ride. Especially on a steamy summer day. Splash Mountain is located in Frontierland and is a daring but relaxing musical cruise. It does have three dips, including a 5-story drop that may get you wet- especially those riding in the front. There are lockers to store personal items just in case. Travel with Br'er Rabbit as he seeks his "laughing place" with Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox in the chase. Drift through the bayou and past over 100 Audio-Animatronic frogs, gators, geese, raccoons, and more as they serenade you with "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" and other favorites. You'll drop 5 stories into the Briar Patch, and here's where you may get wet. This has a 40-inch height requirement and is suitable for kids, teens, and adults. 
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - This is undoubtedly not the fastest roller coaster in Walt Disney World, but it is full of fun. It is set in the 1850s-era Gold Rush town of Tumbleweed. You'll visit an abandoned mine shaft and step onto a train on rickety old tracks and pass through tunnels, turns, and drops into canyons. Watch out for falling boulders and exploding dynamite. The theming is excellent, and this is a perfect ride for nighttime. The height requirement is 40 inches, and it is suitable for kids, teens, and adults. 
  • Tomorrowland Speedway - If your little ones have a "need for speed," the Tomorrowland Speedway is a must. Designed with the little ones in mind, racers at least 54 inches tall can drive their own gas-powered race car. Guests who are at least 32 inches can drive their own car when accompanied by someone at least 54 inches. Driver, start your engines! Take the wheel of a gas-powered car and take an exciting and scenic drive when the checkered flag waves you off. You can accelerate on the bends with the working gas pedal, navigate the turns, and sprint to the finish. Enjoy the iconic scenery along the way. 
  • Astro Orbiter - Astro Orbiter, located in Tomorrowland, lets you pilot a spaceship up into the sky and amidst a constellation of planets. 
  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - Located in Tomorrowland, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is a mix of a shooting gallery-style game and a dark ride that kids will love. The laser guns offer an excellent ride for all ages and a chance for some friendly competition for all ages. You'll need to hold on tight as your retro 2-passenger spacecraft levitates into the air, speeds up, and enters its orbit of the galaxy with Tomorrowland far below. As the Captain, you get to control how high you fly by pulling or pushing the lever in your spaceship. 
  • Space Mountain - Space Mountain is as iconic as they come in Disney's Magic Kingdom. The thrill of this ride is in not knowing what's coming around the next turn. You'll be propelled out of Space Mountain into a dark abyss of outer space and take a twisty roller-coaster ride through space. The height requirement is 44," and this can be an exciting experience. This ride is appropriate for all ages. This is one of the Magic Kingdom's favorites. 

Understanding the Magic Kingdom's Lands

The Magic Kingdom is vast, covering over 107 acres of land. It is broken into six themed "lands." Even with the best of planning, you'll do lots of walking so bring your comfy shoes. Main Street USA covers from the park entrance up to the castle and is mostly food stalls and shops. The traditional parade travels down Main Street USA, so grab a spot before it starts. 

Adventure land is to the left of Main Street USA, and you'll find many of the more adventurous characters like Tinker bell, Aladdin, and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Frontierland is a country town with its own runaway train, with lots of twists and turns. This is one of the more thrilling rides in the Disney parks. There are some fun shows like the Country Bears, and of course, Splash Mountain. Keep an eye on the stage for fun events.

Liberty Square is a smaller land and has lots of spots to snack and it houses the Haunted Mansion. Liberty Square leads to Fantasyland, where all the classic Disney fantasies come alive with most of the Magic Kingdom rides and attractions located here. The last land is Tomorrowland, where you can step into the future with space experiences, aliens, and monsters. 

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What time should I get to Magic Kingdom?

The Magic Kingdom hours sometimes vary but usually are 8 am -9 pm. Lines for the more popular rides and attractions can get long quickly. Families love to get to the park early and hit the most popular rides early. If you see a rain shower, take cover and be first in line when the clouds part. Do bring a poncho if you are there in the rainy season but know that the showers pass quickly in Florida. Learn more about Disney’s Weather.

Ask about a FastPass+ which can be used with many of the popular rides. Learn more about FastPass+

  • What is the cost of MagicKingdom Tickets?

Disney ticket prices do change, but currently, a 1-Day Magic Kingdom Adult ticket is $110, and Kids 3-9 are $104. Take a look at combo tickets and Park Hoppers too. 

  • Which Magic Kingdom rides have the most extended wait times?

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train consistently seems to have the longest wait times in the Magic Kingdom. The wait can run between 40 - 85 minutes. 



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