The Most Attractive Water Parks In Orlando!

Unforgiving and humid summers have long bothered tourists and guests in Florida. Well, not if you’re headed to Orlando. Theme parks galore may expose you to the sun and make you sweat even more, that’s why they’ve created the coolest, cooling water parks! Spend hours floating on snaking rivers, doing cannonballs, or sliding down the most thrilling water slides there is!

It’s a whole new level of adventure and fun which you and your family should not miss. Here’s a quick guide pointing you to the best places to start.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is the biggest waterpark in Walt Disney World, with a variety of attractions for all ages. There are different water slides for different age levels, and a sandy beach for parents and kids to relax. It is one of the two water parks that operate at the resort.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is home to one of the largest outdoor wave pools in the world. The theme of the park is the Disney legend of the typhoon that brought havoc upon what used to be a pristine tropical paradise.

Ships, surfboards, and fishing gear are strewn about the area where the typhoon flung them. The centerpiece of the resort is a shrimp boat - Miss Tilly - that was impaled upon Mount Mayday that became famous for erupting 50-foot water geyser every 30 minutes, just before the bells of the watch sound. Lagoona Gator is the resort’s mascot.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is the second most visited water park in the world, with about 2,277,000 visitors in 2016.

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is one of the water theme parks of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The water areas of the resort are heated at 80°F, except for the “melting snow” in the Cross Country Creek ice cave.

The park is the third-most visited water park in the world, next to Typhoon Lagoon, a sister water park. Blizzard Beach can be enjoyed year-round except for the annual maintenance closure done in the winter. Visitors will not be wanting for a water park because when Blizzard Beach is closed for maintenance, nearby Typhoon Lagoon remains open.

Hosted atop Mount Gushmore are the major attractions of the park. Mount Gushmore is an artificial hill with 90 feet elevation. There are three colored slopes to the hill to help guests navigate around the park: Green, Red, and Purple.

Blizzard Beach offers a mix of attractions and a whimsical theme. It provides a break from the hubbub at the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks, offering cool relief, especially when the weather in Florida turns brutal, hot and sticky.

Visitors of all ages can spend an entire day having fun at the slides and other rides, cooling off in the lazy river, body surfing in the pool, and simply relaxing on the lounge chairs. Blizzard Beach features the most terrifying ride experience at Disney World and has the park’s most thrilling slides - Summit Plummet.

Best Orlando Water Parks

Universal’s Volcano Bay

This is an amazing water theme park within Universal Studios. Krakatua is at the center of the park with Waturi Beach facing the volcano. As a water park, guests can enjoy huge waterslides, thrill rides, tubing, and a zero-entry wading area.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld is the world-famous theme park and marine zoological park located near Orlando, Florida. SeaWorld Orlando has two sister parks - Discovery Cove and Aquatica. SeaWorld Orlando was separated into different areas, called “seas,” with each area having a unique themed element. The division of SeaWorld Orlando was part of the company’s 50th anniversary in 2014. The areas or “seas” of SeaWorld Orlando are:

Port of Entry

It is the main entrance of the theme park that features a Florida-inspired theme of tropical landscaping and an artificial freshwater marina with a Shamu-themed lighthouse.

Sea of Shallows

The area showcases an exhibit of shallow-water sea animals and the Dolphin Theater.

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Sea of Legends

The area features the Journey to Atlantis, a boat ride with the elements of a roller-coaster, and Kraken, a floorless roller-coaster.

Sea of Ice

It was originally named Antarctica, featuring Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin which exits into the penguin exhibit area.

Sea of Delight

The area features The Waterfront, a recreation of a Mediterranean village, and the Sky Tower ride.

Sea of Mystery

The area is home to the Shark Encounter exhibit, the Sharks Underwater Grill, the Nautilus Theater, and the Sea Garden.

Sea of Power

The area houses the SeaWorld’s killer whale shows, the Shamu Stadium, and the Wild Arctic indoor pavilion.

Sesame Street Land

This area is a children’s area next to Shamu Stadium that features family activities such as Super Grover’s Box Car Derby and a water play area. It was formerly known as Shamu’s Happy Harbor and Sea of Fun.

The area features the Journey to Atlantis, a boat ride with the elements of a roller-coaster, and Kraken, a floorless roller-coaster.

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Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida offers an immersive experience for people whose concept of happiness includes animal encounters in a breathtaking tropical atmosphere. It is unique by reservations-only marine park located next to SeaWorld and Aquatica. The park offers its guests the ultimate experience through up-close encounters with bottlenose dolphins and other exotic sea animals.

Guests can take part in a 30-minute interaction with the dolphins, the park’s signature offering. Guests can also snorkel with rays and other tropical fishes in the Grand Reef, wade beside river otters and marmosets in the Freshwater Oasis, or hand-feed the exotic birds in the Explorer’s Aviary that houses more than 250 species of tropical birds, which include toucans and parrots, and more than 30 species of exotic birds. 

The Grand Reef features a beach with white sand in an island lined with palms and underwater grottos filled with moray eels,  reef sharks, and many tropical fishes. 

Discovery Cove


One of the newest and most popular water parks in Orlando, Aquatica is just south of SeaWorld in Orlando. It offers a day’s worth of water attractions and fun slides, with the incredible ‘Dolphin Plunge’ considered to be the most attractive feature here. This ride allows you to slide through a transparent tube with dolphins happily swimming about in the surrounding pool.

A day’s ticket allows you to thoroughly explore the 59-acre park. An Aquatica ticket costs $47 that may be combined with Aquatica combined ticket.

The Dolphin Plunge is the most popular attraction at Aquatica since it officially opened or slide through the water with actual dolphins that swim around you.

Orlando Florida Water Park


LEGOLAND Water Park is part of LEGOLAND Florida. Legoland Florida opened on October 15, 2011, and after three months, Legoland Florida added its water park. The old Splash Island was reopened to become the Legoland Water Park on May 26, 2012.

Legoland Water Park added more lands during its expansion, opening the World of Chima in July 2013, Heartlake City in June 2015, and Lego Ninjago World in 2017. The original resort was also expanded.

Legoland Water Park offers more than 50 rides, attractions, and shows, as well as other features based on the offerings of other parks in Legoland. Legoland Windsor’s the Jungle Coaster ride was moved to Legoland Water Park and was given the new name Lego Technic Test Track, now named The Great Lego Race. Other rides and attractions include the following:

  • Riptide Racers
  • Wipeout Lagoon
  • Build-a-raft river
  • Duplo Splash Safari
  • Imagination Station
  • Joker Soaker
  • Orange Rush, and
  • Pirate Reef
Which Orlando Water Park Is The Best

Some tips

Plan ahead

Going to Orlando to enjoy its various water parks requires advanced planning. There is an abundance of places to eat and drink and you would want to research the area for you to make your plans. If you intend to have dinner in a popular restaurant, it’s best that you reserve ahead of time.

You also should research the rides and their locations as well as the requirements such as age and height for your children to be eligible to ride. Some parks offer apps that will make your stay and your transactions as easy as possible. Download those apps where applicable.

Plan for a full day

When planning to visit a water park, it’s a good idea to plan your visit for a full day. Water parks in Orlando are huge and you cannot fully enjoy one in a matter of a few hours only. Even one whole day may not be enough to see all the attractions and enjoy all the rides. Choose the ones you like best and plan accordingly.

Bring what you need

Going on vacation requires that you bring all the essential stuff that you will need. Items such as towels, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, and other personal items that will make your vacation safe and comfortable should be within easy reach. Make a checklist of the things you plan to bring with you so you won’t forget anything.

Don’t sweat the rain. You’re already wet!!

If you will be vacationing in Orlando, Florida between June and September, you should be ready for some light rains. There are often thunderstorms in the afternoon during those months.

Always bring an umbrella when you are walking around the area. But if you will be exploring the water parks in Orlando, Florida, don’t mind the rain because you will be wet most of the time anyhow!

August to October is hurricane season in Florida. Expect high winds and heavy rains. Make the rains and the winds a part of your vacation experience and enjoy the water parks in Orlando Fl!



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