Take Your Orlando Vacation to the Next Level with Villa Rentals in Solara Resort Orlando

Tourists flock to Orlando during vacation with the goal of experiencing the thrilling rides and fun and exciting activities in major theme parks and amusement centers to have their much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Hotel accommodations are usually the first thing people think of as guests often book well ahead of time to ensure the hotel or resort of their choice, especially during peak season. However, hotels and resorts aren’t the only places where you can find your perfect accommodations, because you can actually book luxury vacation rentals that will house you and your family throughout your stay in Orlando. As a matter of fact, why not check out the villa rentals in Solara Resort Orlando if you want to rent a vacation home and have lots of luxury and space all to yourself.

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What You Need to Know About Luxury Vacation Rental Community

A luxury vacation or resort community is a gated community that spans many acres of landscaped grounds to accommodate not only the numerous luxury properties, but also the resort like amenities that are designed to be the central hub for all the guests who are renting or have purchased a property in the community. It is home to gorgeous vacation rentals that range 3 to 14 bedrooms set on spacious grounds with breathtaking views and additional features on the property to create that home-away-from-home vibe.

What is Solara Resort?

Solara Resort is a stunning gated community in Kissimmee that’s near the major theme parks in Orlando as well as just a few miles away from Orlando International Airport. Within this community is a huge complex that is home to an incredible water complex, Grand Clubhouse, restaurant, sundries shop, bar, cafeteria, and gym just to name a few. This luxury resort also boasts a surf simulator called FlowRider Surf and water slides that are suitable for children and adults.

luxury solara resort

The pools here are climate controlled which means that, during winter, the water will be heated to keep you comfortable as you swim. It also features a Splash Pad that is ideal for the younger children. There are sports areas too such as a soccer field, beach volleyball court, and basketball court. J

Aside from the 5 star resort-like amenities here, Solara Resort also boasts a wide selection of luxury vacation homes and villa from single family units to luxury villas that are near its clubhouse and near their community pools with sprawling lawns, private pools, game rooms, open space living areas, and luxurious bedrooms for adults and children.

Why Choose a Luxury Rental Home Instead of a Hotel Room?

If you’re weighing your options as to whether you will be booking a room in a hotel or go all out on your vacation and rent one of the Orlando vacation homes found in Solara Resort, here are some things to think about. Although both of these types of accommodation will give you convenience, a vacation home offers much more. Here are a few reasons why booking a villa in Kissimmee is worth it.

Luxury Rental Home in solara resort


The most important benefit when you consider villa rentals in Solara Resort Orlando is that you will have that much-needed privacy since there are no other guests in the home that you are staying in except you and your party. And with plenty of bedrooms and baths, your entire party will have lots more privacy. You will have the home all to yourself, and your neighbors won’t even be a bother too! Sleep in if you wish without staff knocks on the door, or other people sharing the room waking up. And no more worrying about thin walls in hotels where you can hear the other guests in the next room. And because you have a private pool in the property with sun loungers, you can bathe and relax under the sun without competing with a crowd. How’s that for starters?

Fully equipped kitchen

Another benefit of renting a villa in Orlando is that it comes with a fully equipped kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances. You didn’t come on vacation to cook, but think about the convenience of coffee or breakfast by your own pool, or a quick lunch or snack without having to go to a restaurant. And face it, it is fun to whip up a grand meal for your family and friends.

Fully equipped kitchen in solara resort


Luxury resort communities in Orlando are usually located near tourist attractions which is the case of Solara Resort which is just a short drive to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando just to name a few. This means that you will not be far away from all the happenings in Orlando since you can travel to and from your luxury villa to your next Orlando adventure. But you will enjoy the peace, quiet and convenience of your luxury getaway.

Resort amenities

Another benefit of staying in a luxury villa in Orlando is that you will not be limited to whatever extra features you have in the villa, but you can also access the resort amenities any time you want. Don’t be surprised of the kids want to skip the expensive parks for a day and check out the water park and pool.

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If you will be traveling with a large group, you will be able to share the cost so that your per person expenses will be very affordable compared to renting out several rooms in a hotel. What’s more, since you have the option of cooking your meals in your rental property, you won’t have to dine out three times per week, and there are no parking fees to add to the cost of your stay in Orlando.

What Special Amenities Can You Expect from Solara Resort? 

If you are a guest in one of these fine vacation rental villas or homes in Solara Resort, the following amenities are open for you to use.

solara resort Special Amenities

Grand Clubhouse and pool area

The 18 acre complex is designed to contain the numerous amenities that include the Splash park for kids and community swimming pool for the adults. There is a zero-entry Grand Pool as well as splash pads for the younger kids. And try out the amazing water complex and Flowrider Surf Simulator.

Fitness center

Solara Resort also offers a fully equipped fitness center where state-of-the-art gym equipment and machines are set up to support your fitness goals. There are professional trainers available if you need assistance. Vacation does not have to mean missing your work out.

Sports areas

Who doesn’t love to play sports with the group while outdoors? From sand volleyball court, to outdoor fitness lawn, and full-size soccer field, you’ll have lots of choices when it comes to playing sports with the rest of the guests in Solara Resort.

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Indoor outdoor lounges

Expect to find indoor and outdoor lounges around the clubhouse as well as workstations so you can relax, or keep your work updated while enjoying a stunning view of the water park and Florida’s gorgeous landscape.

Example of Accommodation in Solara Resort

For those who are looking for villa rentals in Solara Resort Orlando, you will have lots of choices here. Here’s an example of what you can expect, when you want to book vacation homes in this resort.

If you will be traveling to Orlando as a large group, you can choose to stay in a 9 bedroom luxury villa that sits on a 4,000 sq ft of property with luxurious living space that can accommodate up to 20 guests. When you step inside this opulent villa, you will be met with an open-plan living and dining area, with extra living space on the second floor. The fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal so you can whip up a snack, coffee and breakfast or prepare a whole meal. The private pool outside comes with a covered lanai as well as an al fresco dining area that you can spend time in after a long day in the theme parks. There is a spillover tub, pool cage, sun loungers, as well as lounge seating area outdoors.

You won’t have to worry about parking your car or rental because you’ll have convenient private parking too. Beddings and towels are provided plus the entire house is fully air conditioned so you can stay comfortable and out of the Florida sun. And if you want to stay in touch with people back home, this property comes with complimentary WiFi.

Where is Solara Resort Located?

Solara Resort is strategically located in Kissimmee area and is about 17 miles from Orlando International Airport. It is about 5 miles from Walt Disney World and 5 miles from Disney’s Magic Kingdom which are frequently visited by visitors. Universal Studios Orlando is 11 miles from this resort which is just a few minutes’ drive. If you want to visit Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando, you’re in luck because it is about 9 miles from Solara.
You can also drive to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park which is less than a mile away and features a winter-themed resort that is quite fun for younger kids or even the thrill-seekers. If you want to test your hand in the putting green, you can choose from The Legends Golf Course which is just over 2 miles from Solara or Mystic Dunes Golf Course which is just over 2 miles from the resort.


Staying in a hotel or resort is no longer your only choice. Many savvy visitors are seeing the value of renting out villas in Solara Resort Orlando during their stay in the city on their vacation. Not only are they getting lots for their money, but they are also guaranteed a luxurious, private, comfortable and convenient accommodation that will suit everyone in their family or their party.


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