What Are The Scariest Rides At Disney?!!

Rocketing and ricocheting roller coasters, high speeds, extreme heights and more await the bravest of the brave at Walt Disney World. And for the more feint of heart amongst us - no worries. We’ve got you covered too.

For the lion-hearted, the scariest rides at Disney await you. Extreme heights, high speeds, rocketing roller coasters, and everything in between will pump up your adrenaline and excitement. And for the rest of us, don't worry because there are lots of exciting rides in store for you.

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Fearless Souls Only! The Scariest Rides At Disney

Scary rides at Disney World range from super high speeds and amazing roller coasters to large and startling vertical drops with lots of twists and turns in between.

Get ready for a heart pumping adrenaline rush! If you’re up for an enthralling adventure, here are some of the scariest rides you shouldn't miss.

Splash Mountain

A favorite at Disney. What seems to be an innocent and friendly log ride with singing woodland characters suddenly transforms to an extremely thrilling and very intense 50-foot drop.

By the end of the ride you'll be soaked with water and your heart will be racing. An incredible way to launch your experience in Disney, Splash Mountain is situated in Frontierland. Be sure to check height requirements

Space Mountain height

Space Mountain

Take a trip to the darkest depths of outer space by riding in a heart-stopping rocket ship. Space Mountain is a roller-coaster ride in a gloomy and mysterious setting. Due to its excessive speed, massive drops, and super dark interior, you'll never anticipate the next drop and turns, which makes it incredibly thrilling.

Being in the dark gives you the perspective that you are going even faster which will make your heart pump! Space Mountain height requirement is at least 40" tall.

Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach

Engineered at 120 feet with speeds of as much as 60mph, you can never go wrong with riding Summit Plummet provided you have the heart for it and you’re ready for a thrill. This ride, considered to be one of the fastest and tallest water slides in the world is no joke .

Though this ride is not a roller coaster, it is the most electrifying attraction that you'll find in Disney World. Even the bravest hearts will put their mettle to the test with Summit Plummet's speed and height.

disney world ride heights

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

If you compare this ride to Space Mountain, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is definitely way faster. However, since it is located in an outdoor setting, it might feel slightly less thrilling and much slower.

But don't let this trick you because it features plenty of twists and turns, alongside gut-wrenching drops. It also has three separate lift hills, making it one of the most extended roller coaster ride duration in the world.

Crush 'n' Gusher

This brightly themed water coaster ride utilizes heavy-duty jets of water to carry and push two-person rafts towards the top of the hill – then gravity takes over the force that sends passengers downhill.

Crush 'n' Gusher sports three various ride experiences, including the Coconut Crusher, Pineapple Plunger, and the Banana Blaster. Among all of the three rides, the Banana Blaster offers the most thrilling experience.

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Mission: SPACE

Situated in Future World at Epcot, Mission: SPACE is hailed as a "scary and thrilling ride." Fearless riders will experience the true essence of how NASA trains their astronauts in an entertaining ride to the planet Mars.

You can also join their latest family-friendly mission where you get to orbit around the Earth. Mission: SPACE is considered a heart-thumping ride because of its extreme way of using spins and G-force, as well as squeezing rides into narrow pathways. This is definitely the ride for the bravest of souls.

Test Track

Ride along rough terrain and challenging obstacles situated in a winding circuit. You can speed up through straightaways, manipulate switchbacks through harsh weather, and race on top of the hills that are as much as 3 stories high.

All of these exciting, thrilling, and adrenaline-pumping features are offered at Test Track. It is recommended for the heartiest thrill-seekers who love cars and extreme speed.

Expedition Everest

Located in Disney's Animal Kingdom, Expedition Forest offers a perfect combination of thrills from a roller coaster and mystery from the dark-themed ride. Combining both of these, you'll get an absolutely spellbinding experience.

Moreover, it is highly suggested that you go in at night since Expedition Forest is much wilder and exciting during that time.

Rock' n' Roller Coaster

If you're looking for a bolder and faster ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Rock' n' Roller Coaster perfectly fits your requirements. As one of the scariest rides at Disney, it has everything that you are looking for in many heart-pumping rides, including corkscrews, loops, and drops. Thrill-seekers will have a great time racing in an ultra-fast limo along the streets of Los Angeles while Aerosmith soundtracks are blasting in the background.

Scary Rides at Disney World

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

It's challenging to decide which is more exhilarating when you ride the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Is it the random, countless and extremely fast rises and drops, or the scary brief seconds that the riders have to endure while waiting in the elevator shaft for the next drop to shake them through and through.

No matter which, both situations are freaky and super scary, which is what thrill-seekers are looking for. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the scariest rides at Disney and offers numerous launches, free-fall drops, feelings of weightlessness and other psychological excitement.

For The Faint Of Heart: Tamer Rides And Attractions

Not fond of unexpected twists and turns or getting your heart thumping by high drops and roller coasters? Here are some heart-friendly rides that are still equally exciting and fun.

Blizzard Beach Lazy Rivers

Chill out and float away in the 3,000 foot long lazy river at Blizzard Beach. This river will take you all throughout the polar-themed paradise. It offers a relaxing and exciting time for those who are not into scary rides such as Summit Plummet that is also located in the same area.

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

Enjoy the unique spectacle offered by the biggest wave pool in North America – Typhoon Lagoon Surf at Disney World. The tiny wave will gently sweep you towards the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, and you can watch as huge waves roll and break along its jungle-lined pool.

The Haunted Mansion

What makes the Haunted Mansion a perfect ride for the faint of heart is that it doesn't have any “guts and gore.” The theme is dark with mildly scary scenes, but the ghost is friendly, and the ride is designed to move slowly.

The Haunted Mansion allows you to discover the supernatural in a hands-on experience. No twists or turns, just you and your fate waiting to be explored inside.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney attraction that's perfect for all ages. It’s fun and exciting, without any horrifying drops from roller coasters. The detail of this attraction is incredible!

From realistic costuming to distinct facial features, you'll definitely feel as if you’re in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Look out for Captain Jack Sparrow because he can pop up anytime and anywhere.

It's a Small World

The meekest ride of all, but a classic. Sojourn on an enchanting boat ride through a cheerful chorus of children from different parts of the globe. Sing your heart out to the classic song for world peace and chances are, it will play in your head long after the ride.

You'll get to cruise throughout the Seven Seaways Waterway on a slow 10-minute ride along the 7 continents in the world. You'll see detailed and whimsical scenes that depict the most historical sights and tunes from different nations.

Peter Pan's Flight

Peter Pan's Flight is incredibly designed and extremely fantastic. It offers many of the well-loved Disney characters, great music, and gorgeous effects. This indoor ride starts in the house of the Darling family before journeying on a gentle ride to Never Land. Passengers will ride in a flying pirate ship, and it also allows a walk through inside the house and along the street of the Darling family.

Scariest Rides at Disney

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

This epic ride continues the heated battle between Buzz and his mortal enemy Emperor Evil Zurg. The ride is fun, fast, and full of laser firing.

Frozen Ever After

A lovely boat ride all throughout the kingdom of Arendelle is just what you need to experience that authentic Summer Celebration that Anna and Elsa enjoyed. And you don't want to miss an ice skating Olaf! Frozen Ever After has no height restrictions, which means anybody can ride it.

Soarin' Around The World

A timeless ride that showcases the greatest achievement of Imagineering, Soarin' Around the World is a fun adventure that activates your senses and will send you soaring literally. It is one of the most popular rides in Epcot, and it is perfect for those who are faint at heart.

Disney World heights are strictly enforced to keep children safe at all times. It may seem like a dampener to your Orlando vacation, but the Disney ride heights prevent accidents and mishaps and are for your good. All these fun attractions and features are checked and calibrated to ensure the safety of all the guests.

If your kid hasn’t reached the target height or height limit yet, it just means you should come back and visit more often! And there is plenty more to do and see.



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