Best Guide To The Vegan And Vegetarian Dining In Orlando

Vegan dining in Orlando does not have to be boring! With the many fine vegan and vegetarian restaurants that have popped up in recent years, flavorful and healthy vegan dining options abound. You’ll find plenty of creative and scrumptious dishes from southern comfort food to amazing desserts.

The city is groomed to welcome visitors and guests from around the world at any time of the year.

There is always something in store for you when you visit Orlando, from activities, must-visit destinations, and must-try dishes. And for our vegan and vegetarian friends, we’ve compiled this list of our top 10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Orlando.

Orlando is a city with a fantastic blend of Caribbean, Asian, Central American and South American influences. It is also what makes their food scene unique. It was not long ago that vegans and vegetarians had limited choices despite the many restaurants available in the area.

But this has changed as more plant-based culinary spots have popped up all over the city. Likewise, even the curious carnivores will be surprised at these delightfully healthy and delicious foods served at the best vegetarian restaurants around Orlando.

You’ll soon discover that vegan food is not all about vegetables or greens. Chef and restaurant owners have become quite creative and experimental to come up with delicious plant-based foods to give you a satisfying gastronomic experience. Here are our top 10 choices that stood out from the rest.


The Veggie Garden

Located in the Mills 50 District, the Veggie Garden is a healthy Vietnamese restaurant that serves some of the best vegan food in the area. There is a considerable Vietnamese community that frequents this quaint neighborhood spot. The dining ambiance is casual and laid-back, so you will instantly feel comfortable and cozy as you come inside the establishment. The management boasts of an authentic vegan recipe at affordable prices. Some of the top picks from the menu are the pho, summer rolls, vegetarian cha siu and the bun bo hue. Even non-vegetarians will enjoy the food they serve at the Veggie Garden.

Infusion Tea Sandwich Shop

This cozy boutique tea shop features a charming and relaxing ambiance. Infusion Tea is a picturesque tea house located in College Park that attracts young professionals and students. They serve a selection of loose leaf tea such as Lapsang Souchong, Oolong flower tea or the white organic silver needle tea. Diners can choose to have their tea served for one or in a pot for a company. Moreover, the tea shop also serves delicious plant-based treats to pair up with your tea. You can try their ancho lentil tacos and the banana bread bowl. Infusion Tea also supports Faith Project International. It means that a portion of their proceeds helps in improving the health of the indigenous Maya communities in Guatemala.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Another vegan restaurant in Orlando, Florida, that you should not miss is the Ethos Vegan Kitchen. They serve 100% vegan meals which are delicious as they are filling. This restaurant is located in New York Avenue, Winter Park and serves all-day meals in a relaxed and stylish ambiance. They are very popular among the vegan population in the area since they have been expanding plant-based palates since they opened in 2007. Some of their bestsellers include coconut curry wrap with grilled tofu. This dish is curried in veganaise and is served wrapped in a spinach tortilla then tossed with raisins, celery, walnuts, and mixed greens. Likewise, their Yo Mama’s Lasagna has all the makings of a delicious pasta meal made with everything vegan! Don’t miss their vegan wines and beers too!

DaJen Eats Cafe and Creamery

Locals will direct you to DaJen Eats Cafe and Creamery when you ask them for the best vegan restaurants in Orlando. It was initially located at the back of the Citgo gas station until it found its spot in Eatonville. DaJens serves vegan alternatives to your favorite Jamaican eats. Here you can have meatless and dairy-free sandwiches, vegan jerk or buffalo chicken or crustaceans-free seafood salads. The owner is genuinely creative in creating delicious plant-based meals, and you will never miss meat while you’re here. They also serve Irie Cream that’s made on the spot. It’s as creamy and tasty as a regular ice-cream but its dairy-free!

Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Another favorite vegan food stop in Orlando is the Dandelion Communitea Cafe. It is known for its steps to embrace the community and for hosting clean-ups in local parks. Likewise, it works in partnership with the New Growth Urban Farm in curating a garden for the cafe’s consumption. Dandelion has a seasonally changing menu, and it highlights their fresh produce from their urban garden. You will find 100% plant-based treats from the menu such as their Kimchi Power and the Giddyup. The cafe is located in Lake Eola Heights, Orlando and serves a Boutique and Fast Casual ambiance.

Dixie Dharma

This casual, boutique bar and restaurant give vegans and vegetarians a Southern comfort fare without the meat! Dixie Dharma is located inside Market on South, and they serve 100% vegan vittles. They feature delightful dishes whipped up from locally sourced ingredients and Orlando’s first vegan commissary kitchen. Some favorites include the Moghul Chili Dawgs (vegan hot dog), and the Carolina BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. Likewise, you get to enjoy Cajun boiled peanuts and braised collards too!

The Bombay Cafe

Located at Doss Ave, Orlando, this Indian and Vegan-Friendly restaurant is making waves with both local and tourist diners. It offers a casual dining ambiance and is located inside a small Indian shopping center, the Laxmi Plaza. It is one of the best places to find vegan Indian cuisine that is sure to tickle your tastebuds. They are also very accommodating and will hold cow’s milk to comply with vegan requirements. Some of their bestsellers are the basmati rice, fruit juices with saffron and other Indian dishes.


Valhalla Bakery

This vegetarian pastry and bakery is a popular after-dinner destination to curb your sweet cravings. If you happen to be at the Market on the South, you will not miss this crowd-favorite sweet spot. Celine Mariah Duvoisin, the owner of the Valhalla Bakery, makes some of the most decadent 100% egg or dairy-free desserts. Some of her bestsellers are Lemon bars, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, and brownies. You will surely leave giddy and happy with every visit at this stylish vegan bakery. Likewise, do try out their doughnuts, pies, and tarts too!

Valkyrie Doughnuts

This doughnut shop has all the digs and gigs, and they’re all vegan too! You will think that doughnuts are just for kids and people with a sweet tooth, but Valkyrie Donuts has incredible Donuts and Beer pairings and other unique promotions. Vegan and vegetarian who love sweets should not miss a chance to try out these eggless, dairy-free sweet treats. Locals and tourists tagged the Valkyrie as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Orlando for all their delectable treats. Some of their bestsellers include the fruity pebbles, churro and cotton candy. Don’t forget to ask for their daily specials, or if you’re up to the challenge, try out the BFD - a gigantic doughnut that’s about the size of eight doughnuts!

The Sanctum

Last on our list of the top vegetarian restaurants in Orlando is the Sanctum. This cozy retreat located at the Mills 50 District offers plant-based meals that never fail to attract the crowds. The owners have spent years of discovering plant-based food from everywhere and brought them here in Orlando to win the hearts and palate of the community.

Apart from their vegan selection, they also have a vegetarian fare. Likewise, everything they serve here is GMO-free and comes from all organic sources. Some of their must-tries are the Bibimbap bowl and the pad Thai salad. The place is perfect for a romantic date, but they fill up fast, so remember to make a reservation if you plan on having a vegan date out here. 

Vegan dining used to be limited and boring. When people ask about the best vegan, vegetarian restaurants in the neighborhood, most people are clueless. Things have changed with many excellent vegans and vegetarian restaurants that recently popped up all over Orlando.

Presently, locals and tourists seeking plant-based food options will be happy to explore popular and exquisite food stops all over the city. There are plenty of creative and delicious dishes for you to try, from vegetarian breakfast sandwiches, Southern comfort foods, and amazing pastries. 

We highly recommend that you visit the Dixie Dharma for their unique meatless counterparts of the famous Southern favorites. Likewise, you may also check out the Sanctum for a vegan romantic dinner date with your partner. Other restaurants that you can check out are the Maoz for Middle Eastern - Vegetarian-friendly meals and the Drunken Monkey Cafe for a whimsical vegan cafe experience. Whatever your cravings are, there will always be an excellent vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Orlando that will surely suit your taste.

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