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Orlando is one of the best places on earth to visit any time of year. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the other amazing theme parks and attractions make this a magical destination for kids and for kids at heart. A visit to Orlando means childhood dreams come true for millions.

Some of the world’s best theme parks are located in Orlando, and they continue to develop and evolve, adding attractions and features and becoming more amazing each day. With so much to do and see, building the perfect itinerary for you and your family can be a bit overwhelming. And the vacation budget is sure to contain some surprises and unexpected costs. First-time visitors should be prepared to expect the unexpected, especially when visiting during peak times. We’ve put together some planning tips that will help you manage your costs, and maximize your vacation time in this one of a kind destination. Read on for our Orlando Park Deals Review.

Saving On Your Visit To Orlando

There are lots of ways to save money when traveling to Orlando, although you must still be prepared for miscellaneous expenses and unplanned surprises. Here are some pro tips to help you save on your visit and get the most from your time in Orlando.

 Travel during shoulder or off-season periods

You’re most likely to find special offers and discounted rates on just about everything when you avoid peak seasons like holidays or spring break. And the big bonus? During these “softer” travel periods, there are fewer guests and visitors in the Orlando theme parks. Fewer people means shorter lines. And that means more rides for your money!

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Look for ticket discounts, multi-day tickets, and annual passes.

To save on your visit to Orlando theme parks, be sure to explore their sites and fully understand the various passes they offer. Keep an eye on discounted tickets, multi-day tickets or even annual passes. It’s not unusual to find discounted tickets offered by some attractions during off-peak seasons.

Depending on the time you plan to spend in each park, and if you have a return trip planned, you may even want to consider getting an annual pass for the theme park of your choice. These passes can be upgraded when you visit, and they occasionally include discounts on in-park purchases such as food, parking, and merchandise.

Likewise, some of these Orlando theme parks offer packages with bundled dining plans as well as front-of-the-line passes with their Annual Pass deals.

Pro tip! Your Disney passes include Disney Fast Pass for free. This is your virtual “placeholder” in line, leaving you free to experience more attractions. Universal charges for their Universal Express Pass, but depending on when you visit, it may be worth the expense to make sure you are able to experience the top rides.

Buy packages that include hotel and tickets

You may opt for vacation packages that include hotel accommodations, breakfasts, and theme park tickets. There are hotels inside the park, (called Disney on-site resorts) and when you book your stay with them, you’ll get lots of perks and benefits like Disney transportation, early entrance and early booking of Disney Fast Pass benefits, all bundled into your booking.

Longer stays sometimes include free nights and other freebies

When searching for accommodations, check hotel sites for specials and deals. You may find they offer special benefits like “Kids Eat Free” or “Free Nights” for more extended stays. Some hotels even offer “3rd Night Free” during slower periods.

Look for exclusive ticket offers

Check out the park websites first and only work with reputable discount sites.If you’re buying Disney, Universal or Seaworld tickets in advance, be sure to buy them from authorized resellers and dealers or from the park sites. The parks will seldom allow a vendor to undercut their pricing so it’s best to work directly with them or a travel professional. Avoid getting fake tickets from scam sites and use only reliable sites after you have checked out their reviews.

Use discount coupons available through Orlando Visitor Center

Take advantage of discount coupons offered by the Orlando Visitor Center. You’ll be surprised at the coupons you’ll find on dining, parking, rental cars, and other perks and freebies. You may discover some exciting lesser-known attractions and restaurants, and save a few bucks too! Pro Tip - The Visitors Center offers lots of maps and other info too!

Midweek travel rates are generally lower at hotels and sometimes, even at the parks

Traveling to Orlando to visit the theme parks and explore the area is best done during the off-peak season. But even within the season, there are days that are slower than others. Try to schedule your visits to the most popular parks and attractions on midweek days. The rates can be lower, and the queues at the parks are more manageable too. As a rule, Sunday is the busiest day of the week.

Save on your accommodations by trying a luxury rental home

Savvy travelers are learning that if you’re traveling with a large family or group, renting a luxury rental villa can save lots on your accommodation expenses and provide an amazing and luxurious experience. Orlando offers spacious, luxurious villas complete with kitchen and private swimming pool if you want to experience a lux vacation without breaking the bank. And several of them include access to amazing community features like water parks, lazy river rides, theatres and more. No need to visit an expensive park every day!

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Some Sample Special Ticket Offers and Savings

Walt Disney World Resorts

Check out the Walt Disney World Site to explore their various ticket media and find the one that best suits you. You may also consider working with a knowledgeable travel agent or tour operator who can help you navigate what can be confusing to a novice. Disney offers multi-day and multi-park tickets such as the 3 Day - 1 Park-a-Day or Park Hopper Tickets. These tickets do include some savings. Planning well and getting the right tickets is the key to enjoying top attractions like the Magic Kingdom. You can also search for ticket and accommodation combo packages on the Disney site or from a Disney Authorized Ticket Seller. Be sure to ask if they are authorized. We recommend you purchase in advance to avoid yet another line, and to take advantage of the Disney Fast Pass which lets you book your place in line within 30 days of travel.

Orlando Park Deals

Universal Studios Orlando

You’ll also want to book admission tickets to Universal Studios Orlando well before your scheduled trip. You’ll find ticket deals on their site and through legitimate retailers. To save on your tickets, you can always opt for the cheaper tickets and upgrade it once you are in the park through their Guest Services Kiosk if you feel you have not purchased the best ticket for you. You can also arrange for Express Pass upgrades onsite, once you size up how busy your favorite rides are at the park during your visit. And similar to booking Disney admission tickets, you can also find Universal Studios bundled promos with hotels in and near the park. There are also Multi-Day, and Multi-Park passes for you to explore Volcano Bay, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. It’s recommended that spend some time doing your homework, and plan well and ahead of time.

Some Tips and Warnings

Like many things, the costs of Orlando Theme Park tickets are continuously rising. An average family wanting to explore and enjoy Orlando’s main attractions needs to plan their vacation well to avoid blowing the budget before they even arrive! From theme park tickets, accommodation options, dining choices and other extras, there are countless ways to save and make the most of your trip to Orlando’s top attractions.


Do not buy tickets on eBay, Craigslist or off the street. Sometimes, when we’re trying to save a buck, we search for any possible means of savings, even in unlikely places. People often offer up their unused Disney Tickets or Universal Studios Passes on Craigslist, eBay or social media sites. Apart from the possibility of getting fake tickets, you must also be aware that park tickets are non-transferrable. You cannot use someone else’s unused days. Do not buy other people’s tickets in hopes of using it for yourself or group. It’s always best to work with reputable sites and partner agencies and avoid unnecessary hassles and wasting your time and money.

Beware of committing to timeshare offers

When searching for cheap ticket deals, you may find sellers offering “too good to be true” timeshare offers. Yes, they often give out free tickets, but they come with a price. You’ll be required to sit through their presentations and sales pitches. If you’re visiting Orlando for a relaxing vacation, you may want to avoid timeshare offers unless you honestly are in the market for a timeshare. If you think this is the way for you to save money, and you are honestly interested in their product, then make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

Plan in advance and purchase in advance so you don’t waste time once you’re in the park!

Planning a vacation is an exciting time for the family. Let the vacation start at home with the planning. It’s part of the fun and may help avoid “meltdowns” later on at the park if everyone knows the expectations. Discussing which parks are priority will help you choose the right hotel location and the right park passes. You can check out in advance the park schedules as well as shows and attractions available on the days you’ll be visiting. You can plan your days in each park, including your dining options and book your Fast Pass Options well in advance. Good planning upfront will save you time and money give you a more enjoyable experience in the park.

Look for special prices through AAA or other exclusive sites and affiliations

Search for special membership benefits like exclusive offers through organizations like AAA or AARP. They often strike special deals with hotels and parks that are exclusive to their members.

Check with your HR department for employee discounts

Vacation savings can start from your workplace. Some companies have negotiated employee discount offers from theme parks and attractions, and this is the time for you to take advantage of them. Check with your HR department for potential discounts and special promotions that you can use for your vacation before you book anything.

Check for student discounts

Don’t forget to inquire with the parks about student rates and discounts. Walt Disney World has group rates for university students. They offer cheap one-day tickets and give as much as $30 savings per student!

If you’re a Florida resident, look for great Florida Resident deals

Florida residents are in luck with theme park deals specially crafted for them. You can find discounts as high as 30% on rooms and special park pass pricing. If you live in Florida, don’t miss out on these incredible offers!

These tips from our Orlando Park Deals Review are some of the essential things you should know about Orlando theme park deals and offers. Plan early to save and get the most of your time in this magical destination.



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