How To Rent Luxury Villas In Orlando

Welcome to the Theme Park Capital of the World – Orlando, Florida. In Orlando, you have more theme parks per square inch than any place on earth. You’ll find a tourist attraction on nearly every block.

You are all set for your one of a kind vacation getaway, however, finding the perfect place to stay can easily dampen your excitement. Now you can bid goodbye to a plain old hotel stay by making your next escape a whole lot more memorable. Amp up your holiday and book a luxury villa in Orlando. Imagine driving into the gated resort-style community and up to the luxurious private home that’s you’ll make your family headquarters for your vacation!

Plenty of room for the kids to spread out, no more sharing a cramped hotel room or single bathroom. Just open the windows and let in the warm breeze of Florida flow in. Kick-off your shoes after a long day of exploring the theme parks and lounge lazily in front of your pool with your favorite drink in hand! No, this is not a hotel room.

Luxury villas in Orlando to rent are plentiful, and they will be your lavish home away from home. Privacy, luxury, and convenience. All within minutes of the major parks, and surprisingly within your budget. There are many luxury villas in Orlando to rent, and more savvy travelers are learning about this secret every year.

Leave your bags at your luxury villa home and head out, the theme parks await. But the memory-making will start before you even leave your resort-style rental community. The kids will be delighted to have their own room and private bath, and mom and dad will be anxious to take a dip in their private pool and get that vacation rocking. And remember, the community will have lots more to keep everyone busy from waterparks, hot tubs, Olympic style pools, golf, tennis, picnic areas, and just about everything else that says resort! It just may be hard to get the kids back in the car to head out to the parks.

When it comes time to make some Orlando memories and grab those selfies with your favorite characters at Walt Disney World, or to spend some time swimming with the aquatic creatures at SeaWorld Adventure Park, you’ll be just minutes away from the action.

If you want to play a round, several championship golf courses are nearby. In some cases, you may even have a view of the fairways inviting you to take a swing. After fun days of exploring and playing, there’s nothing quite like heading home and sinking into a comfy couch or a recliner by your private pool.

The amazing assortment of villas in Orlando FLA makes all this and more possible. These distinctive homes have private full-sized kitchens, pools, spas, and Jacuzzis so you can celebrate and create fun memories with your friends and loved ones without ever leaving your home away from home.

So, you’re sold on the amazing value and experience of booking one of the fabulous villas in Orlando, FLA. Let’s talk about some tips. Now is the time to search for the perfect luxury villa in the Sunshine state.


Finding The Perfect Luxury Villas In Orlando To Rent

Finding the perfect villa rental close by Walt Disney World Orlando is simple if you do a little bit of homework. There are some tips to help make sure you maximize your trip to Florida and make it as relaxing and as memorable as possible.

Many seasoned travelers to Florida will tell you that two weeks will not suffice. You just may not be able to do all the things your family has on their bucket list in just one week. Remember, Orlando is a vacation mecca. Following are some tips to securing a spot at the luxury rental villa of your choice, so you and your family can get the most out of your trip to Orlando, Florida.

Getting Started

Prior to booking your dream rental villa, you’ll want to think about how you want to spend your vacation, and what your priorities are.

Planning on spending the full week at Walt Disney World, hitting some golf balls every morning early, or looking for more family time around your rental home? Make a list of these priorities before you even start your search.

Choose an area that is most convenient for your top activities. There is no point renting a vacation home where you’ll need to spend more than 20-30 minutes each way every day traveling between the theme parks and the villa.

This can blow your itinerary and waste a lot of your precious vacation time. There are several luxury rental communities that are found well within close range of all major attractions, especially those around I-4 and Highway 27 in the Kissimmee and Davenport areas.

These are excellent locations for you to get started on your search. Some of our favorites are Solterra, Solara, Reunion, and Windsor Hills.


Villa Locations In Orlando

Several communities located within these locations are within easy reach of the vacation attractions, some as close as 2 miles. A bonus of these luxury homes are that they are sure to be quiet and peaceful, and away from the noise and crowds of the theme parks. Most villa owners will show maps of their actual location on their websites, so you will know exactly where they are.

After you have chosen the area you want to stay in, choosing the right community is now easy. Many websites offer private luxury villas for rent and include all of the resort facilities that you’ll want, as well as easy access to other points of interest like the Gulf Coast, Davenport, Kissimmee, and others.

Search for the specific location you prefer, and you will come across many villas available for rent. It will not be hard to find one that matches your specifications and other requirements as Orlando always has so much to offer visitors like you.

Villa Rental Size And More

The typical luxury villa size for rent is 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2-3 bath homes. But most communities have homes that range up to 13 or 14 bedrooms. Regardless of the size of your group or family, you are sure to find the perfect sized villa to rent in Orlando.

Most of these luxury rental homes have private heated swimming pools. Just think, you’ll never have to share the pool with anyone else. So let’s get started on that list and add all the things that you want and dream of for your holiday vacation home.

Private pool, bedroom, and bath for everyone, water park in the community, golf course? You get the idea. It’s up to you!

9 Important Things To Consider When Renting

Here are a few things to consider when you rent a luxury villa:

1. Free Wi-Fi access is a must these days and most include it.

2. A private heated (south-facing preferred) pool allowing for a private and luxurious experience of Florida’s warm sunshine should be at the top of your list.

3. A picturesque view from the property. Many of the communities offer views of golf courses, lakes or across other landscaping.

4. On many websites, a 360-degree virtual tour of the villa will allow you to see what to expect from the community and property.

5. Look for a website Guest Book where previous guests have left comments. This allows you to read the experiences of other renters and may remind you of what you do and do not need to bring.

6. Free local and international phone calls within the USA is a bonus of many resort communities.

7. Free use of kitchen and barbecue is standard and great if you want to cook for the group, or just make morning coffee and midnight snacks.

8. Look for a nearby food store or grocery, preferably within a 5-minute drive. Most resorts will have a small shop for light shopping.

9. Most importantly, location, location, location. Be sure to stay within 15 to 20 minutes from the nearest attractions or theme parks.

Using this list in your planning can set the tone for a perfect vacation experience.

Your Must-Do Agenda In Orlando, FLA

Now that you’ve decided where to stay, it’s time to list the things you want to do while in Florida. Make the most of your stay by creating an itinerary for the trip. Your list might include the following:

Attractions and Theme Parks

Attractions and Theme Parks

List all the top attractions and sites you want to see and an estimated budget for each. This could prevent “sticker shock” later.


There are tons of shopping centers and outlets in the area. Think about where you want to shop and what you’d like to buy.


What kind of dining experiences do you wish to have while in Orlando, Florida? Will there be one special night out, or a family dinner every night? Do you like evening dinner attractions like Mystery Sleuth Dinner?

TIP: Don’t over schedule. There will be lots of unexpected surprises and you will want to leave time to enjoy your luxury villa and all the amenities that it includes.

It is easy to overschedule and end up running around from one park to another, from restaurant to restaurant, shopping ‘til you drop, and everyone getting just plain worn out. Vacations are for relaxing. Slow down, plan well, and leave time for the unexpected. Build a loose itinerary and allow for plenty of time to see the sights and attractions. You should also set aside time to rest in between sites. Proper planning and time management will allow you to see all that you want on your stay in Florida. However, no matter how much time you allocate, there won’t be enough time to soak in the excitement and to relax while touring the theme parks.

It’s advised to do a theme park every other day and not try to fit in a different one every single day in your first week. This is easier on the budget as well. Allow for a rest day in between theme parks. This will let you enjoy the vacation more, and avoid the blur of activities. That can be very draining. This is especially true when you visit during peak season when you will spend a large amount of time queuing for rides and shows.

The most important reason for choosing a rental villa 15 to 20 minutes away from the attractions is that you can be there early and beat a bit of the crowds. You can easily be at the parks as soon as they open, then go back home for a swim or a lunch, chill out and relax for a couple of hours. Also, theme park food can be expensive compared to what you can have in your rental villa or outside the parks. If you create a break in your day, you and your family will be able to stick around until the park closes later on and enjoy all the spectacular displays without feeling too exhausted to take on the next day.

bowling alley at Villatel Orlando vacation rentals

Freeing Some Time

Finally, check the areas you are traveling through to and from the attractions and parks. Can you sneak in some shopping? Is there a good restaurant along the way?

The areas around the parks are very accessible. Shops and dining outlets are open late into the evening. Familiarize yourself with the area and cut down on travel times. And just one more great reason to choose a villa with free Wi-Fi access is you can easily search the web for places you and the kids would want to visit, and access maps for directions on how to easily get there.

It helps with your vacation plans and keeps everyone occupied while relaxing at the villa. Plan your trip well, and you’ll be glad you did.



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