Why You Must Have Experience I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing in Orlando

Orlando has lots to offer both locals and visitors including theme parks, unique attractions and hotspots, picturesque scenery and outdoor activities, as well as amazing cuisine. For the adrenaline junkies, the extreme rides in Orlando’s theme parks are sure to be calling you, but if you have a need for speed and want to be in control, we have just the thing for you. If you’re in Orlando or are planning on visiting soon, you may just want to include I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing on your list of things-to-do.

I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart

What is I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing All About? 

If the long lines of theme parks and other attractions are getting tiresome, or you’ve tried them all but are still in need of a different kind of adrenaline rush, indoor kart racing by I-Drive NASCAR is where you should be.

This indoor kart racing facility gives you the ultimate racing experience by putting you in the driver’s seat where you can compete with other racers. Your junior racers (10 years or older) will love being in the driver’s seat for the thrill of their vacation and the chance to challenge the adults. Built by professionals in the industry, the latest SODIKART RTX innovation of electric karts are sure to give you the best experience there is behind the wheel.

families enjoying amenities at Villatel Village in Orlando FL


The electric go-karts used in I-Drive NASCAR are fully ergonomic and are equipped with adjustable steering, pedals, and seat to create the best driving position for those who will be joining the race. Their carts also come with a patented safety system that features ProSlide absorber, High Energy Absorption Design, as well as full-body protection to keep your young racers safe. Te ENGEC motor is not only silent but doesn’t pollute the air either, with ramp-up bursts of speed that will make being in the driver’s seat of these karts a super-thrilling experience.


The indoor track circuit of I-Drive NASCAR is a combination of creativity and innovation that will test your driving skills with sharp turns and hairpins that are common in professional race tracks. The details that were used in developing this race track will challenge your need for speed and create a driving experience that will make you want to do as many laps as you can.

What To Expect In International Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing

Rain or shine, you’ll find I-Drive NASCAR indoor kart racing to be filled with excitement with its indoor kart race track gaining rave reviews because of its adrenaline-packed race circuit that any driving enthusiast will love. In addition to the indoor track, there are other fun amenities available in this 65,000 sq ft entertainment complex to keep you busy of the wait time gets a little longer. Enjoy a 4-lane bowling alley, over 60 arcade games for children and adults, three pool tables, a full bar, plus a restaurant that has an optimal view of the race track. You’ll truly feel that you are watching the experts zooming by.


For those who want to try go-kart racing at I-Drive NASCAR indoor kart racing, there are several pricing options you can choose from.

Single Race

Junior Race

Junior racers who want to try a single race will pay $16.99. You will need to be 55 inches or taller and must be 10 years old and under 16.

Adult race

The cost of an adult race at this indoor race track is $18.99. You will need to be 16 or older and must be at least 55 inches or taller.

Combo Race Packages

Racing n’ Gaming

This combo package includes one game card that comes with 30 credits and one race heat for junior or adult races which is valid on the date of purchase. This combo is priced at $21.99.

2 Race Special

For $29.99, this package includes two races for each driver.

Race Play & Eat

This package includes one race heat, your choice of chicken fingers or a burger, a game card with 30 credits, and fries and soda.

Racer Memberships

If you want to frequently experience the heart-racing adrenaline rush of this indoor race track, buying a membership has perks that will save you money. Here are your options:

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Junior Membership

The price of this membership is $25.99 and includes 1 race when you sign up, a free race on your birthday, 10% off on race combos of your choosing, 10% off on ice cream shop, $3 off every race for each visit, as well as 20% off play cards.

Adult Membership

For only $35.99, you’ll receive a free race when you sign up, 10% off packages for every visit, happy hour specials, 20% off play cards, 10% off ice cream, 15% off at Perfumeland Megastore, $5 off races for every visit, 10% off at restaurants, 10% off retail, 10% off on events, and a free race on your birthday.

Rules and Safety Tips 

There are specific rules implemented to ensure safety at this indoor kart racing facility that customers must adhere to. Here are a few that you should take note of:

Determine your height

Drivers should be 10 years old and above with a height of at least 55 inches. These requirements are set to ensure the safety of the driver.


If you plan on racing, you will need to follow the clothing requirements. This means wearing closed-toed shoes, avoid wearing high heels, sandals, flip-flops, or slide-on shoes. Skirts are not allowed on the race track. If you don’t have appropriate shoes, there are shoe rentals available.

i-drive nascar indoor kart racing

Pay Attention To The Flags

There are six flags that you’ll be seeing inside the indoor race track which you should be familiar with. The green flag means go, yellow means slow down, caution, or no passing, the blue with yellow stripe means that you should move over as there is a faster racer behind you, red is a signal that you should stop, while black means that you are in penalty or that you need to check with the crew chief at the pit stop, and the black and white checkered means that you have won. Game over!


Amenities Available

This gigantic indoor entertainment center on International Drive is not just for indoor kart racing. There are other amenities and services available here as well. Here are a few options that you can take advantage of.

Birthday Parties

Families can use this venue to hold the perfect birthday party for your young racers with the option to choose from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze junior racer packages or junior non-racer packages. There are also adult packages available if you wish to celebrate your birthday by going for a spin on the race track.

Corporate Events

Take advantage of the 65,000 square foot area of space provided by I-Drive NASCAR to hold your corporate events where you can choose from multiple rooms that can either be divided or combined to suit your needs. They also offer customization for the type of event that you may be hosting on their premises. Aside from the event space, there are other extra attractions to make use of such as 60 arcade games, four bowling alleys, as well as three pool tables. You can also take advantage of the restaurant, which is open for lunch as well as dinner, including a full liquor bar. They also offer event catering services which include their exclusive buffet service that comes with appetizers, boxed lunches, a full liquor bar, and a carving station.


The arcade center at I-Drive NASCAR contains more than 60 games for children and adults. You can choose from basketball, dancing, skee-ball, and much more so that while waiting for your turn at the race track, you can while away the time in the gaming section.

Pool Tables

With three pool tables for you to choose from, you can have some fun with family and friends while shooting balls into the pockets. Not a fan of driving? No worries, just rack up the pool table instead!


Just beside the arcade station is the bowling alley that has four lanes for everyone to enjoy. Compete with your family and friends, or go as teams with your office get together, and see who wins.

This AMP-group-run indoor arcade facility and entertainment center is where all the action happens and is a place where guests can have some great fun and adventure regardless of the weather outside. Theme parks are great, but a little detour to this place is worth it when you get to fulfill your dreams of being a race car driver, even for just a day. The adrenaline rush that you’re sure to experience when you go for a few laps is going to be one for the books.
And remember, there is so much more than kart racing. This 65,000 square foot area of space offers more than their high-end indoor race track because it has a restaurant, bowling alley, pool tables, and an arcade center that are sure to fill your hours with a great time.



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