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When it comes to vacation planning, getting an early start and understanding the "lay of the land" is the best way to make sure you get as much fun and enjoyment packed into your time away. Orlando has a pretty simple highway system, a commuter rail, other public transportation, and many ride-share services like Uber and Lyft. So getting around can be simple - if you know where you're headed. Here are five big reasons you'll want to get a headstart by getting a good map of the Orlando area so you can spend less time in the car and more time doing the things that matter to you.

5 Reasons You Need To Know Before You Go!

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Get more for your money. Planning will help make sure you spend less time in the car or other transportation and more time enjoying the attractions and events. Having the overall lay of the area before you arrive will help you plan a more efficient itinerary, reduce your time in traffic and take away some of the stress of trying to do it by GPS. Who wants to set out for the day to see that your destination for the day is 5 minutes from where you were the day before. 

There is a lot to see in Orlando! The Orlando area is vast and packed b';vmn ,.m, jopgjn nmwith things to do and see. The parks themselves would take a week or more  to explore fully. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is 27,000 acres. That's a ton of walking if you don't plan an itinerary for hitting your top attractions. 

Many of the top attractions are just outside the city. Some of the top attractions are just outside the city. Visit Kissimmee, where there are many attractions, or the lovely city of Winter Park. They make for a significant change of pace from the parks and the attractions' hustle and bustle and will show you much more of the real Florida. 

There is much to see within a short drive to Orlando. The opportunities for day trips are immense. Why come to Florida without hitting the beach? The Atlantic Coast is just an hour from Orlando, and the Gulf Of Mexico, with its gorgeous beaches, is only 90 miles west. 

Transportation Savings!  Gas and tolls or Uber can add up quickly. Save on transportation and stress by knowing before you go and having a plan. have you in charge and vacation mode from the moment you arrive. 

Which map of Orlando, Florida area should I have? 

One map of Orlando, Florida area is not enough. Think about your map strategy as a funnel where you will start at the State of Florida level, then drill down to Orlando, then within Orlando, the parks and attractions, and even a map of your resort. 

Map of the State of Florida. 

Florida has a wealth of attractions, nature, and entertainment, all within driving distance of Orlando. Enrich your vacation and delight your family with a one hour drive east to the beautiful Atlantic beaches of Daytona or Cocoa. Surprise your future astronaut with a trip to Kennedy Space Center, or add a couple of days to your stay to visit sunny South Beach. Know what is within reach before you go. A useful map from Rand McNally is under $6.00, Walmart carries inexpensive maps, and you may be able to pick one up free from AAA if you're a member. You could start with an online map as well. 

Map of Orlando, Florida area

Map of Orlando Florida area

Orlando can be a complex destination. It is 110 square miles of city, attractions, museums, resorts, parks, and natural resources. Get an idea of where the attractions and activities you are most interested in are so you can select a hotel that will save you an hour or so in the car each day. You'll also want to see where some of the attractions and events in nearby towns and communities are. Find a great downloadable map of Orlando Florida on the visitorlando.com site. It is maintained and current and is a bird's eye view of all there is to do in Orlando and the area. It shows major shopping, museums, theme parks, airports, and more. You'll also find it handy to know which routes are toll roads, interstates, or country roads. And yes, there are some country roads. 

Maps International Drive, Lake Beuna Vista, Downtown Orlando, and Kissimmee

You are likely to visit some or all of the areas above as that's where most of the theme parks, attractions, dining, and entertainment, are located. International Drive is the home to the Orange County Convention, lots of affordable hotels, attractions, and dining. Lake Buena Vista is home to the Walt Disney World Parks and Disney Springs. Downtown is now a hub of nightlife and shopping, and Kissimmee offers many affordable lodging options, the town of Celebration, and more. You can check these out and also download them from visitorlando.com.

Walt Disney World Resort

Map of Orlando

Walt Disney World Resort is massive and has many theme parks, dining, shopping, and resorts. Each theme park is vast and lots of things to see and do in them as well. Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is 500 acres. You'll want to go prepared with a plan for which parks you'll visit and the top rides in each park to make the most of your admission. Hop on over to disneyworld.disney.go.com for a great interactive map that will let you see the resorts from a high level and then zoom in. Just pick the park or activity you are interested in the navigation and zoom in. 

Universal Maps and Riders' Guide

Universal Orlando is the best source of mapping information for the resort. They offer an interactive map of all Univeral parks, rides, shows, dining, and more. It is user friendly and will let you click and zoom in on any of them. They also offer great downloadable maps of each of the parks, CityWalk, and the entire resort that will have you navigating it all like a pro. Check them out at universalorlando.com. 

Resort Maps

Universal Maps and Riders' Guide

Many of the resorts offer water slides, numerous dining venues, and entertainment. Don't overlook this. You may go home without ever visiting the adult pool or the best dining venue. You can get these at check-in.

Orlando Virtual Tour 

Want a slick way to explore all that Orlando has to offer? Take a look at the Orlando Virtual Tour on visitorlando.com. It is an amazing interactive map of Orlando Florida area and is compatible with most devices and virtual reality headsets for you to flavor everything before you arrive. This is a "must" for a great look around Orlando.

Orlando Vistors Service 

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by it all and want to do it "old school," check out the Official Visitor Services of Visit Orlando. They offer up trained and friendly Vacation Guides who can share all of the inside scoops with you. They may also have a stash of special offers and events to share with you. They are knowledgeable about the parks, dining, and much more. You'll find them on visitorlando.com, and there is no charge for their help. Consider it your private concierge. They are available Monday - Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and weekends from 9 am to 3 pm by phone, email, or live chat.  

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Create Your Own Map of Orlando with Google Maps

If you don't want to rent a GPS or waste the data on your phone, another option is to download a map of Orlando to use when you get there from Google Maps offline. There are videos online that will walk you through this. 

Other tools that will help you plan your Orlando vacation 

Don't overlook the knowledge of the staff of your hotel or resort. They are always happy to give you the inside info on things to do, special offers, and more. Check with the concierge or front desk, and look around for a visitors area that will have lots of discounts and special offers. They will be able to tell you about special deals, happy hours, and some of their favorite but less known attractions, dining venues, or entertainment. 

If you are driving, you may want to pay the extra for a GPS. Traffic can be dense in Orlando, and it is stressful to navigate through it. Know where you are going, plan ahead but listen to the GPS.

Orlando Map

Invest the time to start exploring before you go plan out a diverse and fun vacation that will delight everyone in your party. And maybe you'll surprise them with that day at the beach or a day at Daytona Race Track. 



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